Thursday, January 30, 2014

DQ Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Pie Blizzard
Blizzard of the Month for Jan, July & November 2014

[New for January 2014 >> returning for July 2014!]
Oh DQ, you had one job to do, ONE JOB! All you had to do was take one of your best blizzards and add a little something extra to the flavor profile. This should have been a grand slam.  Note: if you want to skip January's first scoop rant, scroll to the bottom for July's second scoop.

DQ Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie Blizzard
Peanut butter cups and crunchy graham pie crust blended with creamy vanilla soft serve

Sounds awesome doesn't it? I mean, the Reese's blizzard has always been one of my favorites and was my go to blizzard for many years before I got in the habit of eating the blizzard of the month instead. It's just so good and so rich and it almost rarely gets made wrong. Ohhh the memories.

So here's what the Peanut Butter Cup Pie blizzard looked like before the disappointment set in. See, this has fallen pray to the ages old quality control issue that pops up at DQ from time to time. If there were graham pie crust pieces in there, I could not taste or see them. Worse yet, it seems like they cut down on the usual amount of Reeses they put in the blizzard to balance out the flavor profile. For example, say the regular blizzard is 3 scoops of Reese's. Well,  they've gone with two scoops to leave room for the graham, but in forgetting the graham, I now have a diluted blizzard with some airy, flavorless whip cream on top.

Sorry, but I'm ticked. There's only one DQ open right now which means I had to go out of my way tonight to try a blizzard which should have been epic... and maybe it is, if it's made right, but come on already, there was no need for this to happen. Not cool DQ, not cool at all.

On Second Scoop: It's July and it's high time I give this one a second chance. The server hands me my blizzard with a smile and I happily head to the car to enjoy my lunchtime dessert. It is a thing of beauty, isn't it? I can see both pb cup and graham this time! 

Woohoo! I dont even need to eat it, I'll just stare at it for awhile....  Ok, it tastes good, plain and simple. I still wonder if they use less Reese's then the regular blizzard, or if maybe the graham and Reese's just cancel each other out a bit. See, peanut butter cup is the strongest flavor here, and then there is an underlying graham flavor. It's more like your brain goes "ahh, this seems more complex then usual". I'm not thinking pie in particular, but I like the combo even if the pb cup mutes out a lot of the graham. I would still like to see more whole graham chunks, but this was a definite improvement. Am I talking in circles? Probably, but anyway, when this one is made right, it is way more enjoyable and I would totally buy it again [and then be really ticked if they messed it up again because now I know how it should taste]. 

Verdict?  if they get it right, it's enjoyable
Buy Again?  Yup


janmcbaker said...

Well damn! That doesn't sound at all promising for my BD month Blizzard!

Unknown said...

Sounds like the DQ you went to likes to skimp on ingredients hopefully other restaurants will be better

Metsfan said...

I had been really excited to try this one, though didn't get there until today (and after reading this review, had my expectations tempered). Unfortunately, I had a similar experience. While I got a little bit of grittiness from the graham, there was no flavor whatsoever.

Like you said, this could've been a home run but it fell flat.

Dubba Scoops said...

my apologies, was hoping my experience was a fluke (I do not like over-blended blizzards!)

Unknown said...

So it's been months, and it has returned now in July of 2014. My fiance and I first tried the Reese's Pie Blizzard back in January, and it was so good, we had it twice... but the reason it was so good, was because it had a fair amount of Reese's, a lot of pie-crust pieces, and whipped cream. The mix was great!

However... now in July, it became somewhat of a skimp. We tried it at two different locations (once on Monday, which was so unsatisfactory that we assumed it was the location's fault, and decided to be fatties and get another location today). It tasted super-sweet, and lacked any noticeable pie-crust at all at both locations.

What happened DQ? What happened? :(

Anonymous said...

I had it yesterday and it was delicious. Perfect amount of Reese's and graham cracker crust. I think it's unfair to say the blizzard is bad but rather those who are mixing it aren't adding the right amount of ingredients.

Dubba Scoops said...

Dear Anon, did you even bother to read the review? I spent the whole time saying it was made wrong, there is nothing to correct.

DQ has quality control issues, always has, and they need to realize that when a blizzard gets messed up, it ruins the consumer's urge to try it again.