Friday, November 1, 2013

Stonyfield Minty Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

[By Nick] Today we discover the product that opened my eyes to the full potential that mint and chocolate could have together.

Stonyfield Minty Chocolate Chip
Minty chocolate low fat frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips

To be honest, before trying this froyo, I didn’t want anything edible that tasted like mint, let alone have it be infused with chocolate. In my little world, mint flavoring was reserved for toothpaste and gum. Neither of those are something I would want to swallow so it just seemed strange that there was so many products out there with that flavor profile. Even when I did get the courage to try it when I was younger, I must have had the worst luck because everything I tried reminded me as if I just ate a chocolate bar and decided to brush my teeth right after. In other words, I was disgusted.

Then one day a couple of years ago, my friend told me I needed to try this froyo. I will admit that I was hesitant at first because of my mint bias but after reading the description I was a bit less reserved, even  intrigued a bit. I started questioning what exactly is “minty chocolate” and I was also excited for the inclusion of dark chocolate chips over milk chocolate ones. The picture was a key factor in winning me over as well. The sight of chocolate instead of the standard green base was pleasant. I really had a disdain for any product that was artificially green. It just didn’t seem like something I wanted to put into my mouth unless of course it had to do with dental hygiene. Okay, enough with the flashbacks already. Let’s give this product the proper review it deserves.

Well the pint I got isn’t living up to my memories with the iciness on the side but thankfully it easily scrapes off. From appearance alone, you’d think this is just a plain chocolate froyo. The base doesn’t even have a minty aroma. I’m a little disappointed by the lack of dark chocolate chips on first look as well but looks can be deceiving in more ways than one.

Tasting the base alone, you’d think it would be very chocolaty but it’s instead rather minty. The mint isn’t intense though, instead it’s quite pleasant. I attribute that fact to the addition of chocolate to the mix. It kind of reminds me of the taste of a thin mint cookie. Now those dark chocolate chips that were seemingly MIA before have now shown up in force. These little chips are everywhere which is something I really appreciate. Besides the crunch factor, the chips add a dimension to the chocolate vibe and complement the mint perfectly. If mint chocolate chip ice cream was like this when I was little, I think that it might have caused my devotion to butter pecan to end.

Verdict?  My favorite* mint anything
Buy Again?  Of course

Nick's Note: I wrote this review awhile back before I had tried Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Peppermint Crunch. Let's just say that is my new favorite mint flavor but this one is #2. That's saying a lot for a frozen yogurt.


Anonymous said...

I really do love you guys and your reviews, but your blatant hatred of mint is depressing. :(

I really wish I could find an ice cream blog full of guys as awesome as you two but without all the mint hate. I wish someone would review my favorite ice cream of all time. Ah well.

I still love your site. :)

Dubba Scoops said...

Ummmm, what? We both converts, I'm confused.

Nick Rovo said...

@Anon: This was a post is about a flavor that showed me how good mint ice cream really is. The only mint flavors I'm not too fond of are the more "natural" kinds like Talenti. Give me artificial mint and I'm a happy camper.

Dubba Scoops said...

that leaves more mint talenti for me! WOOT!

Nick Rovo said...

Because you like the taste of leaves!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that makes sense.
I got confused too, apparently. heh. oops.

I'm actually not too fond of the "natural" mint either, to be honest.

More mint leaves for Dubba then, indeed. :)

I'm kinda of a weird gal that likes to read about what she's currently eating. So, whenever I'm eating ice cream I come here.

I love this site. You guys rock.
Keep up the great work. :3