Friday, June 7, 2013

Hood Greek Frozen Yogurt Reviews
Double Chocolate Chip, Blueberry & Vanilla Honey

[2013-2014] After my positive experience with the new Hood Raspberry Granola greek frozen yogurt, I was sent free samples of their other three flavors for comparison. I do like to keep something light in the freezer, so let's see how these stack up.

First up is double chocolate chip which is Hood's way of saying chocolate chocolate chip. We've got live and active cultures in this "chocolate lowfat frozen yogurt with chocolate chips".

It's a light, easy scooper as you can see from all the air ripples. The chips are dry and fairly delicate, so you hear them crunch more than you feel them. The texture is a little strange actually, it kind of reminds me of eating an ice cream bar but keep in mind I've always had trouble with light/lowfat chocolate flavors.

The base flavor is very mild. It's such a light texture that the flavor doesn't hit you very hard. It funny because it sure smells strong, but that just doesn't translate to the taste. It's simple and lowfat, not sure what else to say. Since it's chocolate, I let my daughter finish this one.

Next up is Hood Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt which is just blueberry lowfat frozen yogurt... no granola, bummer, hehehehe. Ahhh, I had to try.

Blueberry smell? check!  Blueberry color? Well, it's a nice purple color (that makes me want black raspberry ice cream). I dig in and this one is not my thing. In the other flavors there was no alternate/yogurt taste, but here, it's blueberry and something. There's no tang, but it's, iunno, gonna have to second scoop... which didn't really help. I wish this one was mixed with something else... so I let my wife finish this one.

Last up is Hood Vanilla Honey Greek Frozen Yogurt. It's just honey vanilla frozen yogurt. Again, no granola or other mixins.

There's not a whole lot to look at here. At first I thought I almost tasted cake batter, but I pressed on and realized that the honey is very subtle, as is the vanilla. The cool thing here is that it's a very clean taste, no tang. The texture is nice too. It's crisp and not gummy (there is little resistance here). Sure this one won't fill you up, but there is something refreshing when this particular flavor and light texture combine. I like it.

Hmmm, there was a little hit of honey on that bite. There's no swirl or anything going on, it's just a straight flavored base. Actually, last several bites started building up honey vibe, how strange. I think I finished this one off.

Alright, there you have it. You've probably guessed the Raspberry Granola is still my favorite, but I respect the delicate approach that Hood has taken with these flavors. They aren't crazy or fatty or even tangy. It's just a quart of greek frozen yogurt with some nice protein for the masses.

Verdict?  pleasant, light

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