Monday, June 10, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Raspberry Lime Coolatta

[New for 2013] Sorry, no new Nosh Show today, that's next Monday, but can we talk about Dunkin Donuts anyway since my nosh show cohorts Junk Food Guy, GrubGrade, and the Impulsive Buy have all posted glazed donut breakfast sandwich reviews. See, I love Dunkin Donuts, and not just for their donuts and strawberry coolattas. I love them because it's realistically the only place I can walk to for lunch. No, I don't eat donuts for lunch (at least not on a weekday), instead, I grab one of their sandwiches. So far their ham and cheese on a french roll is my favorite, but that might change.

I walked over to Dunkin for lunch on Thursday (about a mile and a half round trip) and grabbed myself the new Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich and the new Raspberry Lime coolatta. I tend not to drink things that are green, but after reading reviews of how terrible the hot chocolate coolatta is (a.k.a. the old frozen hot chocolate), I decided lime was the way to go.

I grabbed my order, plopped myself outside, unwrapped my sandwich, and guess what? I liked it. I really like Dunkin's french rolls and this sandwich just has a nice middle of the road taste. Nothing is overpowering, not even the ranch dressing. It was just hot and fresh and made for a pleasant outdoor lunch on a beautiful day. The only weird thing was that sometimes a seemingly round chunk of the chicken patty would break off and feel a little strange during the chomping process. Not sure what was up with that.

Guess what else? I liked the coolatta too! Too often these fringe Dunkin flavors fall apart, but maybe Dunkin has learned from it's mistakes. Now there are no fruit bits in this one, it's just a straight shot of green flavoring concentrate, but it works. It tastes like a lime freeze pop that has this raspberry undercurrent that seems to vary a bit from sip to sip. It's never too strong, but keeps everything from feeling nasty and artificial. I can totally see kids digging this flavor (and parents when they want something a little more fun to sip). I was afraid to try this, but I'm glad I did. You should too.

So... how long before we see the Dunkin Donuts Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich?

Coolatta Verdict? Fun
Buy Again?  Sure


Anonymous said...

I wish I read your post before heading over to Dunkin D's. I got the hot chocolate coolatta and it was terrible! Ended up throwing it away after eating the whipping cream on top. So disaapointed....but now I have something to look forward to, the Raspberry Lime Coolatta! Thanks!

Danielle said...

The glazed donut sandwich is also amazing. I had it last night for dinner. It hits the salty/sweet/peppery nail right on the head. The only problem is that it's pretty small :(