Saturday, May 4, 2013

G.S. Gelato Sea Salt Caramel Review

[By Nick] Last up from G.S. Gelato is their Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. After my previous experiences with Sea Salt Caramel flavors, my expectations for this one are very high. G.S. has yet to let me down when it comes to delivering the flavor so here’s hoping that streak continues. Once again, I just want to remind you that the G.S. line of gelato is only a base, though after my Tiramisu review I did get an email from G.S. saying they liked the idea of adding mix-ins to their branded line so be on the lookout for those products in the future. As of now though, there won’t be any mix-ins or swirls of caramel, just a straight up base of Sea
Salt Caramel flavored gelato.

Easily the most terrible part about these products has to be the wait for the gelato to temper. 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but when you’re hungry and craving some sea salt caramel it seems like an eternity. If you can’t tell, I’m typing this as I wait for it to temper. So yeah, nice weather we’re having right? Sorry to cut this conversation short, 15 minutes have elapsed and it’s time for me to open up this pint.

Removing the lid was a little bit difficult. The gelato was clinging on to the lid for dear life. After getting it off though I was greeted with a base sporting a burnt caramel color. Digging in, the base is extremely creamy just like the tiramisu gelato. I still can’t get over their amazing texture. I forgot to mention it last time but it also goes down smoothly and doesn’t leave any sort of film in your mouth. Gelato is supposed to be like this but most mass marketed products don’t seem to understand that.

As for the taste, this one is the definition of perfection. You’re initially hit with the taste of sweet caramel. Right after that, that right amount of saltiness sneaks its way in to the mix. This combination of sweet and salty is perfectly balanced without one flavor overpowering the other. There are even some granules of sea salt spread throughout, lending a change in mouth feel from just the smooth gelato. Not sure if that’s on purpose but I appreciate running into them occasional. Yeah, this stuff is very addicting and I’m just going to be honest here, I devoured the whole pint in one sitting…don’t judge me! I’m a growing boy; I need those calories or something like that.

I have had tons of salted caramel products in my life but this one ranks near the top. With the lack of mix-ins, it doesn’t quite surpass Homemade Brand’s version but it’s a very close second as far as frozen desserts go. This is by far my favorite base only flavor I have ever had. Also with it only being a base, it makes it easy to create some epic sundaes and other ice cream treats. All I can say is Bravissimo G.S. Gelato, Bravissimo.

Verdict?  If you even remotely like salted caramel, you’ll love this product
Buy Again?  Is that even a serious question?

Quick Note: After trying all of the products I just realized that the color of the banner of each pint is actually a good approximation of what the color of the flavor is. Very nice touch, I like it when companies really think about their packaging.


Mitch said...

I NEEEEEEEED! I'm a SSC junkie. ever seen in stores?

Nick Rovo said...

Mitch, sadly they're not in stores around here. Technically you can order their products from their website but I'd imagine that would be pricey.

Anonymous said...

I love Haagen-Daze's Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. Is this better than Haagen Dazs?

Nick Rovo said...

In my opinion, G.S. is hands down the best sea salt caramel gelato I have had. Talenti's would be in second and honestly HD's would be a distant third for me.

Unknown said...

Ohh...if it's better than Talenti I need to find this!!