Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Perry's Rainbow Sherbet Review

Brand: Perry's
Name: Rainbow Sherbet

Product:  Sherbet
Base Flavor:  Fruity
Swirl:  None
Mix-ins:  None
X factor: low fat
Sealed?  Yes
Size: Pint - 16oz

Alrighty, those are the stats and now it's time to dig in. I pop the lid and see that familiar Perry's plastic seal keeping my treat safe and sound. Let's take off that seal and have at it.

Oh 80s and early 90s, how I miss your neon colors. 
I almost hate to scoop it and ruin the pattern.

Ok, I aim for my favorite flavor first: raspberry. Oh my that's fruity. Wow. I aim for orange next. Mmmmm orange. He's potent too. Ok, now just the lime. You know, sometimes the lime can be a killer but not here because these are all rocking a really strong candy like flavor. These sherbets totally taste like a fresh pack of lifesavers.

Yes, i'm having fun scooping the colors, their just so purty (though this was the best photo out of like 12 tries). The lime green has almost a fluorescent yellow hue to it. I feel like breaking out the blacklight. The stark color contrasts kind of remind me of a pastel version of the oh so cool looking Schwan's triple chocolate flavor.

I take a peak at the ingredients and while we've got HFCS to sweeten things up, for the most part, the flavoring is all natural -- weird, there is one artificial flavor near the bottom. I wonder why they messed with it at the end.

Ok, I've been eating this whole time and I'm definitely settling in. I'm such a sucker for the tang of sherbet. I also love the low-fat nonsense of this treat. You all know I have trouble with the low fat ice creams sometimes, but I'm in a different world with sherbet, so I just don't get that textural feeling like I'm missing something. I mean, we've got skim milk and buttermilk which definitely help make this smoother (less gritty) than the new Luigi's Sherbet. Not that Luigi's was bad, but I've always been partial to the slightly creamier sherbets.

I dont know why, but my brain keeps registering banana. Not sure if it's a smell or a taste or a synaptic misfire, but I keep thinking about bananas.

Now with every sherbet, I always judge the "salty" vibe. I don't know what it is, by to me, some sherbets are saltier than others. This one does have a bit of it, but not too bad. (maybe someday someone will explain this to me).

Alright, its getting soft, time to put it back in the fridge. See, that's the last benefit of sherbet. I never feel like I need 3 or 4 servings. That pint will last me three or four sittings on the couch

On Second Scoop: I think sherbet is always better on the second and third scoops. Don't think there was a fourth scoop, it was too tasty for that.

Verdict?  strong candy like flavor
Buy Again?  Yup

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/2 cup (88g)
Servings Per Container    4

Amount Per Serving
Calories  120from Fat  10
% Daily Value*
Total Fat  1.5g2%
- Sat Fat  1g5%
- Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol  5mg2%
Sodium  20mg1%
Total Carbohydrate  27g9%
- Dietary Fiber  0g0%
- Sugars  25g
Protein  1g

Vitamin A  0%Vitamin C  0%
Calcium  4%Iron  0%

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