Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Dairy Queen Choco Mint Brownie Blizzard
DQ Blizzard of the Month - November 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to Dairy Queen the other day..... it was still open! You may remember me mentioning last year that they stayed open a couple extra weeks because it was so warm -- but they didn't participate in the November blizzard of the month, in fact, I don't think they ever have, until now!

Here's the official shot of the Choco Mint Brownie Blizzard Treat and it's new for 2012.
It's "Cool mint, chewy brownie pieces and choco chunks blended with creamy vanilla soft serve". 

And here's mine. 

I tried several photos but none of them really showed up the faint mint coloring of my treat. Actually, it's probably better this way because the faint coloring reflects the mild nature of the mint flavoring. Now we all know blizzards can vary greatly, but for me, the biggest star was the brownies. They are big, chewy, and in every single bite. In fact, I had one scoopful that had four brownie bites!

Now I went into this blizzard expecting something decent but deep down hoping for a miracle, well, I was half right. It's neat like the Mint Oreo Blizzard and the Thin Mint Blizzard, but I do wish it had more mint flavor while also wishing the brownie bits had blended apart more. I guess I'm looking for a more uniform flavor, that's all. It was nice, but it just felt a little unrewarding.... or maybe I'm just stuck on a peppermint kick.

The parting shot. You can see the brownie bites are large and plentiful, while we are also rocking the thin chocolate flakes. They add a nice little crunch, but you really will focus on the brownies.... I wonder how this would have been with brownies & Oreos? Hmmmmm.

So, it's a fine blizzard and I'm glad I got to try it, I just... iunno, I guess I'm just too picky some days.

Verdict?  liked it, didnt love it
Buy Again?  Once a year sounds about right


Carrie N said...

I got mine in Kansas City where DQs are plentiful but mine was barely green and minty at all the first and second time i had them. It was false advertising! Everyone knows mint ice cream has to be quite green to be good and minty and mine were neither. I see this might be a nationwide conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I got one today after school. It was bright green, minty, and brownie filled. My only issue is that the brownies were a bit dry. They had a weird aftertaste. It wasn't until my last spoonful that I realized what it was: a malted milk ball taste. Not a dealbreaker, but it was certainly confusing. Overall, I like! Thanks for all the mint reviews. I LOVE minty ice creams.

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, they are a little dry, definitely not a super fudgy brownie. I would pick on them, but they could be alot worse.

Dubba Scoops said...