Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendly's Nutty Caramel Crunch Sundae Review

2016 Update: Now called Candy Bar Sundae

Ok, let's make this one quick, because frankly, that's all it deserves.

You see, I have a love-hate relationship with Friendly's Sundae Cups (formerly Friendly's Sundaes To-Go). I want to love them. Their cheap, their convienient, and they should be awesome because of what they are based on... but it's luck of the draw with these things, and this one is a loser.

Friendly's Nutty Caramel Crunch Sundae Ice Cream
nougat ice cream, topped with caramel & fudge, chocolate covered peanuts & chips

Nougat Ice Cream,
topped with caramel & fudge, chocolate covered peanuts & chips

Looks tasty right? This sundae even spices things up with both caramel & fudge, but just like the other varieties, the ingredients are bottom rung junk. The caramel is bland, the fudge tastes funny and smells even worse, and the chips & peanuts look neat but don't add much flavor.

That's right, it may look like this (admit it, it looks good!), but the flavor was minimalistic. I do have a rule where you should let these melt a few minutes so that the flavor unlocks a bit, but even then, this one still brings little to the table. Every now and then you get a scoop that's almost decent, but then the next one is boring again. This is such a waste of perfectly good calories. For a buck twenty-five it more or less filled me up, but did nothing for me. Bummer.

Verdict?  Terribly Bland
Buy this flavor Again?  Nope

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   1 Sundae (133g)
Servings Per Container   1

Amount Per Serving
Calories  350
from Fat  140

% Daily Value*
Total Fat  16g
- Sat Fat  10g
- Trans Fat  0g

Cholesterol  40mg
Sodium  180mg
Total Carbohydrate  46g
- Dietary Fiber   1g

- Sugars  34g

Protein  6g

Vitamin A   8%
Vitamin C   0%
Calcium   15%
Iron   4%

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