Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cadbury Cream Egg Sweet Cream Cupcake Recipe
Crackin' Open the Oven : Easter Preparation Edition

When the fog in my brain isn't too thick, I tend to get random wacky ideas in my head. Most are forgotten within five minutes, but others, like a Cadbury inspired cupcake, manage to stick around long enough for me to jot it down somewhere. I did a quick pinterest search and sure enough I'm not the first one to think about shoving a big ol' cadbury cream egg inside a cupcake... the thing is, I've got two sticking points in my head. One, the big eggs seem to take up an awful lot of the cupcake. Two (and more importantly), why is everyone doing chocolate on chocolate here? What makes an Cadbury Cream Egg different is the filling, so why not base the cupcake on something different? TO THE INTERNET!

I do a another quick pinterest search for sweet cream cupcakes, but nothing really shows up. Hmmmm, how odd, I'm surprised I cant buy a sweet cream cake mix, let alone find one on pinterest. Off to google then... wow, only a few meaningful hits, including this recipe from Erik Homemade. Well, I guess we're going with that recipe and then adding my own special Dubba branded ideas. Ok, ready everyone?

Cadbury Cream Egg Sweet Cream Cupcake Recipe
from Erik Homemade
  4 eggs
  1 1/2 tspn vanilla
  1 1/2 cups heavy (whipping) cream
  1 1/2 cups sugar
  1 2/3 cups all purpose flour
  3 tspns baking powder
  1 tspn salt

and the Dubba additions
  2 packs of FROZEN mini Cadbury eggs
  1 can of milk chocolate frosting
  1 large hershey's milk chocolate bar

I pretty much followed E.H.'s directions by beating the eggs, adding the vanilla, and then adding the heavy cream (a first for me in any kind of cake recipe). Next up are all the dry ingredients. Add the sugar, salt, flour, and baking powder and then you are done. It only took me two minutes (yeah right!)

Bakers note: at first I thought the mixture was a bit thin, but as soon as I started pouring it, it turned out to be a little too thick. Something needs adjusting, not sure what.

Here are the cupcakes in prep. I decided to get overly creative and tried to add a yellow "yolk" to the cupcakes. My daughter thought I was adding some flavor, but it's just food coloring.

Whoopsy, the yellow seems to have gone everywhere. Let's cut them open to see how they are doing.

Click the image for larger view

As you can see, on went the milk chocolate frosting and then I rolled the edges in some semi-crushed Hershey bar (I know, I should have broken out the blender for the edging). The great thing about this view is that the particular cupcake I cut open was a near perfect specimen. Notice there's just a bit of cake underneath the egg which is what you want. Now let's take a frustrating look at how some of the others turned out...

To add a little bit of cookie science to the whole cupcake event, I decided to do a little refrigeration experiment. In the red trunks (left side), we have the warmed eggs. In the purple trunks (right side), we have the refrigerated eggs... and that made absolutely no difference of how the Cadbury eggs melted. Apparently using the freezer would have been the smartest choice. Uggg, live and learn. The worst part is that the Cadbury chocolate has merged with the bottom of the cupcake to form some odd plastic like substance --- See, in the red wrappers, I put the egg in first and they melted a bit while I prepped the mix. For the purple ones, I poured in the mix and then added the chilled eggs. Thing is, I think I may have pushed some eggs further down than others. It's a rookie mistake and I'm still kicking myself for it.

Ok, so ends this weeks cupcake journey. I'm pretty bummed these didnt turn out better, in fact, my daughter actually preferred them without frosting. Oh well, I'll get some ice cream reviews up tomorrow (the next post has got pictures, now it just needs the words)

On Second Scoop: Now that I've had a few days to reflect (and sample), I think a sweet cream frosting (but keeping the chocolate bar crumble) would be a better fit for this one. You don't need to be blown away with milk chocolate frosting, instead I'd much prefer a quality sweet icing on top.


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