Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Edy's Touchdown Sundae
A Frozen Dairy Dessery Review

[New for 2011] You know, I'm really glad the Patriots won on Sunday because I would have been really upset if I had to eat this lackluster ice cream in front of a lackluster game. That's right, I, your ice cream eating friend, actually sat down for a football game for the first time since... the Pats 18-1 season? oh who am I kidding, I rarely watch football, and why would I want to nowadays? There are at least 2 or 3 replays for every one real play... (you know, I would just like to tebow for a minute and thank my main man JC for letting engineers create the almighty tivo.... ok, ok, I'll stop. I had to throw down at least once)

Here's is Limited Edition Edy's ( Dreyer's ) Touchdown Sundae Frozen Dairy Dessert. It's vanilla FDD with caramel filled footballs and a boring fudge swirl. Oh be still my beating heart.

Oh, it looks so tasty (where's my sarcasm font?)
whatever shocking flavor will it taste like?

Are you ready for some footballs?!

I mean that, seriously, look at all these footballs! I've gone ahead and scored a touchdown (6 footballs along the edge) with a bonus two point conversion (2 more in the center). Yeah, that sounded funnier in my head, but I meant well.

As you can tell, I could care less about this ice cream. I forced myself to have another bowl monday night and it's just so boring. Low fat ice cream with cheap fudge swirls all taste the same. Hey, if that floats your boat, that's fine, you can have my server, but the truth is, this sample was free, and I still don't want it.

Verdict?  like every other low budget fudge swirl dessert
Buy Again?  no (didn't even buy it the first time)

In closing, thanks to Edy's for the free coupons, and thanks to the Pats and Broncos for putting on a good show. I totally see why people like Tebow now (he's just not better than Brady).


IndianapolisEater said...

I've always wondered about this one. Now I don't have to wonder anymore and I won't have to give a second thought as to whether to buy it or not. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I actually had this on my shopping list for the grocery store today. Thanks for saving me the money and boring ice cream experience!

Have a great Christmas with your family and I hope you get to enjoy some ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Have never had a bad Edy's ice cream until this NOT A TOUCHDOWN!! ice cream. It is the most non-descript, uninteresting ice cream I've had in years. Where is the fudge taste? Where are the footballs (maybe you need a microscope!) and NO caramel flavor at all! Very disappointing...should definately get this one out of the grocery freezers!