Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turkey Hill Raspberry Cream Swirl Review

It's time to play "how late can Dubba be with a limited edition flavor". Ok, guess how many months? Got a number? Ok, the answer is....  4!! Now in my defense, New England is usually a month behind to start, but for the sake of truthiness, the following flavor is the JUNE limited edition flavor of the month. (Heck, I waited so long to review this summer flavor that it's snowing!! AHHHHH!!!!!)

circa 2011 packaging

here it is: Vanilla flavored ice cream swirled with gourmet raspberry sherbet. Wait, sherbet? Yeah, I missed that when I grabbed this container, I need to pay more attention when I pick these things up. Well, at least it will be fairly low fat this way.

Well, it certainly has the swirl effect going. I give it a try and....  well, I'm not really sure how I feel about it. In fact, I'm thinking I should have written this review while I was actually eating it to better sum up the flavor. I guess I will say that I'd rather go straight raspberry ice cream or straight raspberry sherbet. This half and half stuff just doesn't do it for me.

Uh oh, I just went to snag a picture of a Turkey Hill Duetto to see if they looked the same, but I think they've been retired. They were a mix of vanilla ice cream and "venice" ice (I assume that's a fancy way of saying italian ice). You know, I could have sworn we tried a Duetto flavor at some point, but I guess not. (CONFIRMED: Duetto has been retired)

Ok, that's it for the main portion of this review. To recap, the flavor is ok but I don't find the texture terribly exciting, so this won't be a repeat purchase for me. It's not terrible, and with the help of my wife we polished this off pretty quickly, but there are plenty of other flavors I'd rather be eating.

A Better Milkshake?

While I had this container in the freezer, I had an idea. See, I get a kick out of berry shakes from time to time, but unfortunately they are never really strong enough.

I don't know what made me think of it, but what if I added my favorite Smuckers Jelly to my milkshake? Oh I adore Northwest Triple Berry Preserves. I wonder if that greatness can help me here?

In it goes!

It's ready. I am not afraid... ok, mildly apprehensive maybe hehehe. I take a swig and yeah, I put in a bit too much jam. That said, there's definitely an abundance of flavor here! I will definitely try this again, but a little more carefully next time. If you've ever tried this, let me know.

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