Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Tot
The Sonic Icon I didn't know about

Did you know Sonic has a mascot? (well, Icon)
This is Tot, the "trusty sidekick" of the Wacky Pack gang.

That's nice you say? But, why should you care?

Because apparently every year there is a Tot Parade!
For 2011, he's dressed up as Dino Tots and I'll admit it, these guys made me smile.
I can't help it, they're smiling at me!

Had my son not been sleeping, I'm positive he would have wanted one of these. The collection includes Raptor Tot, Cave Tot, T-Rex Tot, Stego Tot, Ptotodactyl Tot, Frilled Raptor Tot, Ankylosaurus Tot, Saber-toothed Tot, Archaeopteryx Tot, Spinosaurus Tot, and Triceratot.

However, it was late so we grabbed our ice cream and headed out. Now if Sonic wasn't over an hour away from our home, I could totally see stopping once a week to work on this collection. In a world of cheap plastic kids toys, it's neat to see a little stuffed animals.

Now, if you are still interested, here's a little history.

 The 2010 Deep Sea Tots Collection (courtesy of

This was actually a tie in with Sea World and includes Starfish Tot, Scuba Tot, Dolphin Tot, Squid Tot, Killer Whale Tot, Oct-tot, Stingray Tot, Coral Reef Tot, Pufferfish Tot, Clown Fish Tot, Shark Tot, Angelfish tot. You could still play Scuba Tot's online game (with coloring pages, oh boy!)

The 2009 Zoo Tots Collection (photo courtesy of Kids Meal Wiki).

This one is a partnership with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Ha, the website listed still works! Head over to (taken down) to learn more about each of the 15 animals you see above!! You (and/or the kids) can play as the bat, zebra, giraffe, flamingo, penguin, monkey, porcupine, tiger, snow leopard, panda, gorilla, polar bear, leopard, elephand or crocodile. 

The 2008 Halloween Tot Parade Trick or Treat Edition (courtesty of Jeff

This whole Tot toy collecting thing started in 2007. According to Jeff, there was Astro-tot, Bot-tot, Cherry Limeade Tot, Earth Tot, Extra-tot-restrial, Hollywood Tot, Jack Tot (limited edition), Lemon-lime Tot, Patriot Tot, Peppermint Tot, Polka-tot, Puzzled Tot, Spicy Tot, Tot (original), Strawberry Tot, and Cream Slush Tot. They even had baby tots for the under 3 crowd. --- Ha! Victoria says there was even a very limited Oklahoma centenial tot in a few select locations!)

Ok, that ends my story. My wife thought I should ask if I could buy the tots seperately, but they were so busy, and we were so tired that I didn't have the nerve to ask (ok, I was too shy to ask). Anyway, check these out if you get a chance, I'm guessing the kids will get a kick out of them. Ok, I will post about our tasty sonic shakes a little bit later.

This is the 2012 Farm Buddies Tots Collection


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My daughter has almost all of the Halloween tots and all of the Deep Sea tots and is now working on getting all of the Dino tots. She wishes they would re-release the Zoo tots so she could collect them too... This represents a LOT of grilled cheese and tater tot kids' meals!
Mom in KY