Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Captain America gets his own Cherry Coolatta

So there I am, driving to work, getting off the highway, when I hear the big news. Captain America, the first avenger, has somehow acquired his own coolatta flavor, and it's cherry flavored no less! That's right, Dunkin Donuts has sold out, and they've gone all out on this one. Now I wanted to stop right then and there to pick one up, but I had work to do. I guess it will have to wait 'til lunch.

You know, I mock DD for selling out, but at the same time, I had trouble waiting for lunchtime. I love my strawberry coolatta and I long for the day for it to have a sweet and worthy adversary.

Shocking, it's an advertisement for the movie. Frankly, I've seen the trailers, and until someone I trust sees this movie, I'm waiting for the DVD. Sorry, comic book movie fatigue is setting in I guess. Update: I have seen the movie and it's really good, gotta love Chris Evans.

I take my first sip and I think "ewwww". I take a few more sips and my hopes of a sweet treat are dashed. It's like an more potent icee but without the tingle. I wanted sweet, not this typical, cherry-ish, not sweet, little aftertastey thing you find in every other non-fun cherry treat. I wanted Lindy but I got Luigi (that's a review reference). I literally had to force myself to finish this one and that's never happened before. I guess they try to make a coolatta for every person, but to me they just seem to make a bunch of horrible coolattas. Tropicana is the only other coolatta worth anything. Oh how immensely disappointing.

I thought this was funny til I tried the coolatta....

You didn't think I'd leave without a matching donut did you? Now all this red dye would have been worth it if this had been some ultra unique cherry frosting (to match my cherry coolatta). Sadly, it's just plain old vanilla frosting. You can also get a star shaped donut with white (vanilla) frosting and patriotic sprinkles.

There is also a new commercial to go with this flavor, listen carefully for the dog's name.

Verdict?  Epic Fail
Buy Again?  I'd rather have an Icee at half the cost

Sorry, I ran off last night without talking about the tri-cup. When you walk up to the counter you should see a display for a fairly large cup that has three compartments. It's all about the Red (cherry), White (Vanilla), and Blue (Raspberry). I assume you could get any mix of flavors in it, but considering I don't like the cherry or the blue raspberry, why bother? ...ok, if you must bother, check out a tri-cup review over at Castles & Cooks.


Julien said...

The Captain (America, not Crunch) also managed to land his own ice cream flavor this month at the old 31 Flavors (Baskin Robbins, of course).

Megan said...

Have you tried the new frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts? Its pretty tragic. I haven't tried this one yet, but my hopes are pretty low. There's supposed to be a cool cup coming out as yet another promotion. Its a three chamber cup, so you get three flavors in one drink. Its supposed to be this red stuff, the blue raspberry and lemonade I believe. But supposedly you can pick your own flavors. We'll see

Dubba Scoops said...

@Julien: super soldier swirl? oh you've got to be kidding me (mmm, hydra force sundae....)

@Meg: I'm waiting for the mood to hit me for the frozen hot chocolate, but I've seen them make it, it's regular coolatta base with chocolate flavoring -- and I fixed my post. I saw the tri-cup but forgot to mention it last night.

Jesse said...

Thanks for the shout out at the end of the post! I can't get over how awful Dunkin's latest summer frozen "treats" have been.