Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cookie Brownie Sundae

Have you ever had trouble debating if you want a cookie sundae or a brownie sundae? I know I have, but thankfully, there is an answer! Now I know these have been out for a few years now, but maybe you've never taken the time to try them... and that is a shame if you haven't. They are an excellent treat and let me give you an excuse to go get them!

Part cookie, Part brownie, all genius and they are delicious as they sound and as tasty as they look. I "gently" warmed mine since it had already been out of the oven for several hours. Basically, 40% power on the microwave for about 80 seconds.

That's a big scoop of milky way ice cream on top there, look's intriguing doesn't it?

Is it just me, or did I just accidentally make a whip cream rose?

As I always say, it just doesn't look like a sundae without a pretty chocolate drizzle on top.

So that's my sunday sundae and it was fantastic. The cookie brownie is not just an awesome snack, but it's also a awesome base for a sundae. Is it cookie, is it brownie? You won't care, seriously, brownie-cookie cookie-brownie, it's all wonderful texture and taste here. Now go make yourself a sundae!

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Anonymous said...

that looks soooo good. must resist urges.