Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dunkin Donuts Mountain Dew Coolatta

[New for 2011] Having only gotten around 4 hours of broken sleep because of my poor sick daughter last night, I decided a midday sugary pick me up seemed in order. Sure I could go with my favorite strawberry coolatta, but  why not try something new?

Here is the new Mountain Dew coolatta. It kind of looks like half frozen lemon-lime gatorade.... kinda taste like half frozen lemon-lime gatorade too, just with some extra sweetener.

Sometimes it seems like a coolatta has been out too long, or maybe they just didn't have enough ice, or maybe the flavor base was too warm, but however you slice it, that's how this one tastes.

I'm thinking alot of you would prefer that carbonated tingle that accompanies your mountain dew taste, well, that's not here either. It's like throwing a flat mountain dew in the freezer, pulling it out once it's chunked up a bit, shaking it to break up the ice, and then drinking it. Heck, a bottle of gatorade that falls against the back of the fridge has the same consistancy as this thing.

I tried a new Clif Crunch White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Granola Bar this morning and it was way more exciting than this. I love being rewarded with new products that tastes great. Unfortunately, this coolatta is no where near the world of exciting, it's just down right boring... is there really any good product out there based on flat soda?

Verdict?  Boring
Buy Again?  No


Lot-O-Choc said...

Uh shame it wasnt that good, I love diet mountain dew, we cant get it here in the UK :( get such bad cravings for it argh!

Cat said...

I've thrown Mountain Dew in the fridge after drinking part of it. Believe me, it tastes better than this looks.