Monday, April 11, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

[2017 Update] Picked up a pint this fall to grab new pictures. I enjoyed it and all, it's just never been my thing really. Original review is after the jump.

Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream
red velvet cake ice cream with red velvet cake pieces
& a cream cheese frosting swirl

[New for 2011] I'm not sure if I've ever had red velvet cake, and if I did, it was once, but I am about to go ahead and try red velvet cake ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. Wish me luck.

Now there are two things that scare me here, cake batter and cream cheese, but Rodzilla gave this a pretty high grade so we're going to give it a try. We've got red velvet cake batter ice cream with red velvet cake pieces & a cream cheese frosting swirl. Hmmmm:

Red velvet? ok...
Cake batter? cake batter is always too sweet...
Cake pieces? hopefully ok...
Cream cheese frosting? wait, what? oh, apparently that's come with red velvet cake...

Hmmm, well this looks promising. It looks like strawberry ice cream with frosting and strawberry cake bits. Ok, you never really see strawberry cake, but... well, now I want strawberry cake and it doesn't exist! Sorry, hungry. Nothing like a ton of cake bits to get the mojo started.

I dig in and I taste... well, I taste a fairly sweet cake batter and I definitely taste the cream cheese way more than I expected too. We've got our typical ben & jerry's quality and texture, but the cake batter and cream cheese seem to be battling it out for top flavor with every scoop. Yeah, I'm not real sure how I feel about this because I'm not a huge fan of either flavor.

I like the grit that the cake pieces add, but I'm not sure I can tell the difference between their sweetness and that of the ice cream and swirl. Granted it's usually hard to tell the difference between any ice cream and cake mix-in, so this isn't a surprise.

On my first good size sampling, the cream cheese flavor really got stuck on my taste buds and I couldn't shake it, even when I was done. For my second scoop, I just had a small sample with more of a back and forth between the two flavors, but I'm still not really enjoying it. I decided to call it quits and let my wife finish the pint. I knew she would enjoy way more than I would.

Look, I'm not going to lie and say I like cake batter flavor. Only in the most perfect of circumstances am I even remotely amused by it. Sure, I licked my fair share of mixing spoons as a kid, but I find cake batter ice cream too sweet and too strong. That said, B&J did a pretty good job of trying to keep the c.b. flavor in check. I also would have preferred a bit less cream cheese swirl. Finally, take the overall sweetness and robustness down a notch or two and I might consider a second pint.

This one's for you cake batter lovers, enjoy!

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  1. as great as ben and jerry's is, real red velvet cupcakes > b&j's red velvet cake. but i'd still punch any old ladies that are in my way to get to a pint of this.

  2. They do have strawberry cake. When I was in grade school it came with cool whip on top probably to emulate strawverry shortcake but no this cake was actually strawberry flavored.

  3. Have to agree with this one. I have not had this flavor, mainly because I don't care for cream cheese at all, regardless. However, I am going to echo the fact that cake batter ice cream (base) is always too strong no matter what kind it is. Add in the "frostings" some of these have and it's way too sweet. I'll stick to chubby hubby :)

  4. I just found all the new flavors at my Super Target the other day. Can't wait to try them. BTW, Target has two new Target only flavors, Volun-Tiramisu and Peanut Butter World!

  5. @cottoncandyxcore mmmmm, strawberry cake... with strawberry ice cream on the side

    @courtney thanks for the tip, I just looked it up and will get myself to target immediately!

  6. This ice cream is SOOO good! It's my new favorite.

    That being said, I LOVE red velvet cake, and I LOVE cream cheese frosting. But, not that many people do. If you're not a huge cake fan, or a huge cream cheese fan, I can def see how it could be over powering.

    This is def one to try if you do enjoy cake and cream cheese tho. I enjoyed it.

  7. This is simply fabulous! And it does taste like (good) red velvet cake, which I've had exactly once (at a wedding) and still remember. The ice cream's flavor is deep and mellow. The cake pieces are a very nice contrast to the batter and frosting elements. HOORAY for this wonderful ice cream!

  8. As a red velvet lover, this ice cream disappointed me. Too generically sweet and not enough of the red velvet flavor (which is actually cocoa- of which this ice cream contains exactly ZERO). Lovers of red velvet, don't bother!

  9. I do enjoy a good Red Velvet cake so I was really excited to see this Ben & Jerry's flavor. I also adore Cake Batter ice cream. Let me say I was sooooo pleased!! AWESOME!! I don't like buying overpriced ice cream but I will struggle not to pick this one up everytime I see it.

  10. This is by far the BEST ice cream I have EVER had!! I am absolutely in love with it.. Unfortunately.. I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE!! I found it in walmart by accident once, bought it b/c it was on sale..Loved it.. went to buy more a week later, and it was gone. Never to be seen again..I have been to every store in town, hoping to come across it somewhere..nope.. A friend said their walmart has it..Guess I have to go to another city to track it down....

  11. I wish I could agree with this review like I have with most others on this site. But since I found this ice cream at my local CVS/pharmacy on sale for 2 for $7 I have been struggling to stop myself from purchasing it. I have had four pints in the last week. Yeah. I need to stop.

  12. @Anon#4: I'm not offended, trust me! i'm just not a huge cake batter fan, i'm glad you are enjoying it!

    @Shannyn: don't just shop around home, shop around work too! never be afraid to try a new grocery store.

  13. Just tried this flavor yesterday. Just ok and won't be buying again. I'll stick to chunky monkey, choc chip cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake 😊

  14. A decent B&J's flavor. I could take or leave the cake pieces, but the cake batter ice cream base is delicious. Very, very sweet (maybe too much for some), but delicious nonetheless.


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