Friday, July 16, 2010

Breyers Smooth & Dreamy
Triple Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bars

2013 Update: These are now dead dead.

I'm not sure why, but my chocolate bender continues. It's seems that almost every day I crave chocolate and I'd say atleast 5 out of 7 days a week I have a giant glass of ice cold chocolate milk.

Well, we got home from a very full day, and I desperately needed my chocolate fix... hmmm, the ice cream selection in the house is kinda weird right now, so I'm not sure what to pick... then it hits me!

Breyer's New Smooth & Dreamy Triple Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bars. My unofficial description: It's chocolate chocolate chip light ice cream partially coated in a chocolate shell. Their official description: It's chocolate light ice cream with a fudge swirl, dark chocolate chips and a milk chocolatey coating. Boy, that sure sounds good enough, but will it be double churn appeasement, or will it be low fat disappointment.

When I first opened the container, I was surprised by how small the bar was. Granted, at 130 calories I shouldn't have expected anything huge, but I was kind of visualizing something a bit closer to the big thick skinny cow fudge bars. In fact, the uncovered chocolate part really reminded me of the skinny cow bars and I started to get afraid.

I took my first bite and I think I like it. I took a few more bites and I couldn't stop. Oh man is the chocolate coating stealing the show! It's just the right thickness to add the right texture and flavor to the mix. It's breaking a little as I eat it but not too much. Wow, I'm really liking this.

Quick note: This is in no way reminding me of a klondike bar... at least, not literally. I mean I love a good chocolate coating, but it's not as thick as klondike, and it doesn't have that unique klondike taste either. This is not a bad thing. If I want klondike, I'll go get klondike.

Now, time for the truth. I had my first bar.... and then about 3 minutes later I had a second. I couldnt resist. I was so surprised that I enjoyed my treat, and the fact I was feeling better with my chocolate fix, I decided that I needed more. Why not? it's only 130 calories! it's only 6g of total fat! it's only.... ooops, 20% sat fat... ahhh, that's ok, I'm going to let that slide for now.

So, nice job Breyers, I'm definitely going to try the other two flavors now.

On Second Scoop: I decided to attack the second scoop with this question "if I really think about it, does this remind me of a klondike bar?" Well, it does a little. I mean, there are only so many ways to lay down a thin coat of chocolate over ice cream. Thing is, these treats really aren't in the same league. When you want a full on treat, go with the Klondike and you will be nice and full when you are done. When you are trying to be restrained, try this, and you should be satisfied (if not totally full... have a cup of water first or something)

On Third Scoop: I kept telling myself it was too late to have a bar. Well, after about an hour I gave in and boy did this thing hit the spot. These bars are really growing on me. I really really like the chocolate shell accented by the crunch of the dark chocolate chips in the ice cream. It's just a real nice combo. My biggest problem right now is eating them too quickly (though I have gotten better)

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Joanie said...

I've tried the version w/ vanilla ice cream, caramel chips and chocolate coating...and I agree! Yummmmmm. Super, super delicious.