Friday, July 23, 2010

Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt Blend
Chocolate Fudge Brownie

I was to be honest and say that the following dessert wasn't my first choice. I actually meant to eat this cup for snack yesterday, but I never got around to it. Well, it's now today, and I really wanted a blizzard or a twisted frosty... but I told my self it was a good day for a healthy snack.


Edy's Slow Churned Chocolate Fudge Brownie Yogurt Blend

flavor combo seems like a good idea (though there is no actual description on the container)

cool, there's a plastic seal, good call --- it says "grab one anytime!"

smells chocolaty enough, looks pretty airy though

wow, it's only been sitting for a minute and it's already melting.... oh look, itty bitty brownie bites!

hmmmm, chocolate flavor is ok for a yogurt, kinda has a funk to it though

brownie bits are fairly frequent, that's good.

ooo, there's a fudgy swirl in here too. I'm digging at it but it's not terribly different from the ice cream - well, that's not true, i just had several small bites and its decent.

more bits, they help, definitely making things a bit interesting. they aren't huge, but there is a decent scattering of them.

I'm not sure who's fault it is, but this stuff tastes like a freezer... that's a shame since I wrapped it up in a plastic bag hoping to avoid that (it's only been in there 26 hours)

ha, there was a giant air bubble in the bottom - there's actually a clean white container spot

I can't tell if the ice cream tastes funny or the freezer does. I think I'm going to refrain from saying anything terribly mean since I'm not sure who's fault it is. It could be the freezer's fault, the store's fault, or the treats fault. For a buck (on sale), I'll probably try this 5.8 fluid ounce treat again just to make sure.

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mandy_Reeves said...

hmm...Edy's has em too now huh? I need to try this one. I like the weight watchers and skinny cow version of the single serves.