Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Fight
Klondike Peanut Butter Chocolate ICS
vs Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter ICS

It was a few days ago when I realized I had a set of 4 ounce treats just waiting to win over the hearts and minds of the friday night fight fans.

The Contenders

Klondike Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Note: This fighter was new for 2010 but retired before 2013
As I mentioned two months ago, Klondike has taken over the old Breyers ice cream sandwich line to make room for the new Breyers Smooth & Dreamy ice cream sandwiches. This includes the old Oreo and Mrs. Fields sandwiches, but they also added the new Peanut Butter Chocolate sandwiches.

We have Peanut Butter flavored light ice cream  with a peanut butter and chocolate flavored swirl and chocolate chips between two chocolate wafers. Sounds tasty. This new bad boy on the block weighs in at 73g (4 fluid ounces)

Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich
Note: This fighter retired sometime before 2017
In my quest to someday figure out which low fat skinny cow treat is the best, I picked up the Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream sandwiches on sale awhile back.

The description on the website is chocolate and peanut butter low fat ice creams swirled together and smushed between two big chocolatey wafers. Sounds straightforward enough. This sandwich clocks in at a very similar 71g (4 fluid ounces)

Round 1 : Packaging

Wow, not only do they weigh the same, but their packaging definitely shares a similar theme. Funny how orange means peanut butter. Since there's nothing really seperating these two, I'm going to have to give this round to Klondike for adding those funky sparkly metallic streaks to the mountain tops (notice the top of the packaging and how it's all different colors depending on the angle).

Round 2 : Appearance

Wow, they are almost the same size.

The skinny cow is a bit thicker, but in the back of my mind I always wonder if they are a smidge too thick. I do get a bit of a kick out of the skinny cow swirls, but I also appreciate the fact you can actually see bits in the klondike ice cream. This round is real close again. I do like the simple classic klondike look. Hmmm, I guess I'm going klondike again.

Round 3 : Aroma

Oh, I did a quick smell test... yeah, both are losers in this round (see second scoop at the bottom)

Round 4: Taste

My favorite round! Now let me tease this part by saying the Klondike sandwich has a nice suprise in the middle of it -  a big ol' squirt of fudge in the middle of the treat. Those brown circles you see are the tiny chocolate chips we heard about in the description (my apologies for the blurry picture). Time to try these treats (with water and pretzel breaks in between to cleanse the pallette)

I started with half of the skinny cow and was greeted by a chocolate treat with a surprisingly muted peanut butter flavor mixed in. I'm trying to think of where I had this before. It's kinda like a funky chocolate cakey cookie with peanut butter hunks mixed in (not literal hunks, but for flavor). I'm not loving in, but it's ok.

Time to try half the Klondike. Hmmm. Now I know why Marvo was unimpressed. It's ok but it's not really winning me over. I like the little chocolate chips, those are a nice touch, but overall it's just ho hum.

Ok, back to skinny cow again. It's, ummm, yeah, I'm starting to get that fish food vibe from the chocolate wafers. Sorry, but the smell mixed with the taste is really starting to annoy me. These might be better on a second scoop, but at the moment I've already lost my patience.

And then finish with the Klondike. I definitely like the Klondike more. The flavors may be mild, but at least they are more normal (traditional). Sorry skinny cow, you are down for the count.

Knock Out! Klondike is the Winner!

the Klondike may not be a great treat, and it's not even a filling treat, but at least I look forward to trying another. Sure, the skinny cow has less fat, but man, those wafers continue to bug me. I don't even know why I bother buying these things, my tastebuds just aren't wired in a way that I can enjoy them.

Klondike you got lucky on this one. I think alot of us will be tempted to buy at least one box of these, but I don't know if they warrant future purchasing. I'll definitely second scoop them in the near future and try to get a bit more in depth on my analysis.

On Second Scoop: I just had my lunch time dessert before my lunch and so I feel the need to quickly recap the Klondike bar here. The aroma on sample #2 was better (maybe #1 was a fluke). I definitely like the chocolate chips, they remind me of a chipwich, and I wish there were a few more of them. Wafers are decent if not a little dry, though this could seem worse due to the dry nature of peanut butter. Overall it is a decent treat, and I don't think you'll feel totally jipped giving them a try, I just don't see these making a return appearance in my freezer anytime soon.

On Second Scoop - Part 2 : To be fair, it's a few hours later and I just had another Skinny Cow. I'm sure some people will enjoy these, but I just can't place that odd taste that these things have. It is some artificial ingredient bugging me? I just don't know. The after taste is unpleasant, let's put it that way. I'm all done with these.

My daughter just did a double taste test and the winner is.... My daughter for tricking me into giving her two ice cream sandwiches! Good job sweetie, you have learned well.

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