Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Monday Night....

Do you know where your spoon is? If I had my way ...and 2 free hours a night ...and about $30 bucks a week, I would post a new review everyday. Oh, it would be exciting, though I wonder if I would crave the stability of a regular treat in my diet?

Well, it's Monday night and right now I'm debating cracking open a fresh container of ice cream, or keep things simple with my old friend the strawberry Sedona. I took a little break from these but I'm back to being addicted to them. I've bought a box during each of my last 3 trips to Walmart (the only place I know to get them).

Some nights I'm just too tired to start something new. I know if I review it too late, my brain will be mushy and I won't remember enough, I might not be critical enough. That's when something like the Sedona comes in. Light and fluffy yet very satisfying...

...reminds me of what's on at ten o'clock actually. I'm a big fan of Castle. It's a "light" detective show compared to something darker like "Homicide: life on the street". Technically it's also feels a bit light because there is no major arch behind the show (unlike the most excellent show Life). There is the detective story which makes you think, and that's good for you (like granola and yogurt). Then there are the fantastic characters (and actors) with the awesome Nathan Fillion in the center of it all. The whole show is very satisfying and leaves a smile on your face, just like the Sedona.

Ok, it doesn't hurt they turn to ice cream now and then on the show either.

That cinches it, I'm going to go have one right now!

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