Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extras: Mini Angel Food Cakes

The funny (and great) thing about this blog is that when I go to the grocery store, I'm always trying to think of new items to try for the blog. Well, I was passing through the bakery section when what do I see but a four pack of mini angel food cakes. Shaw's was selling them as if they were muffins. I've been thinking about trying angel food and ice cream, so it was easy enough to justify picking up these little guys.

Here they are

Cut out the center and add in some ice cream (packed tight)
(I went with Strawberry since I've had strawberries and angel food before)

Can't forget some fresh all natural whip cream

Can't forget some sprinkles

I've had better angel food, but once you mix it all together, it makes for a really nice treat. Actually, it's fairly healthy since angel food is fat free, and I used low fat Smooth and Dreamy Strawberry ice cream.

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