Friday, May 8, 2009

State of the Freezer Address
One Year anniversary edition

I did it, I blogged for an entire year! woohoo! Hey, a blog is no fun if no one's reading it, and according to google, we're now clocking in at 5000 visits a month. I know it's not huge, and techincally not all of those people stay to read other articles, but hey, it's a good start right? So, thanks for visiting, linking to the blog, and spreading the word. Wonder if I can double that by the 2 year anniversary? You gotta dream big, that's all I can say.

So, how's the freezer holding up? It's full, very full, mostly of Breyers. Not only that, I managed to get 3 kinds of cookie dough in there right now. I know, there's way too many vanilla based products in their right now. Oh well, there's always chocolate sauce right?

To celebrate the big day, I scooped a bit of every flavor into a bowl. It wasn't bad actually ...well, wasn't great either. I wound up mixing it all together after getting about half way through it.

So, what's in store for the next year? More ice cream! more treats! more toppings! more of all that great stuff from that place we call the freezer aisle. I don't really plan on branching out to other aisles, this blog tries hard to stick to frozen treats, but I would like the website to offer more than reviews. Ok, I haven't figured out what that means either, but til I do, I'll be here with my fridge full of treats letting you know how each and everyone of them is.

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