Friday, May 8, 2009

misTreat of the Week:
T.G.I. Friday's Signature Slushes

A shake is the ultimate dinner beverage, but what comes in #2? A icy cold beverage sounds about right, but can T.G.I. Friday's do it right? The answer is no no no no. Oh the disappointment. Sure the slush looks great in the menu, but what arrives on your table is something quite pathetic.

The slush turns out to be a carbonated flavored liquid on rather large chunks of ice. These things are huge for something that is supposedly "crushed". Maybe the crusher was broken, or maybe the laziness of the wait staff affected the drink staff as well (hey, how many employees does it take to fix a shade from blinding you? Iunno, I lost count, but I think it was 4). Sorry, we we're just trying to pick up a quick cheap meal and we got what we paid for.

To recap:
this is not a coolatta, slushie, icee, slurpee, or arctic rush. This is a drink with small ice cubes.

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