Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nestle Vanilla Caramel Drumstick Review

I think I've mentioned before that I've always been a fan of Nestle Drumsticks. What got me hooked was my very cool 2nd full time job. We had an HR director who really understood the basics of what makes people happy. Boring meeting? add muffins! Painful presentation? add pizza! And when it's a hot day? add ICE CREAM!! She did lots of other good things, but you know me, I'm not going to forget the ice cream. (instead of going out to eat on my last day there, we actually had a drumstick party instead!)

Ok, getting sidetracked. So, I like drumsticks, though I rarely ever buy them because of the fat content. Whoa, that's weird, nutrition info on their website doesn't match the box. I wonder if they are coming out with a "healthier" drumstick and I just happened to get an old box. Either way, it's still high and I almost picked a different treat (it only took me 20 minutes to was a big aisle). I was tempted to try the good humor eclairs (for comparison to the hood ones), and then i almost went with one of the eskimo pie treats because they were on sale, as were the klondike bars, but then i realized something. Sure, I get half of my saturated fat for the day in a drumstick, but I'm also getting a big honking serving of ice cream that's going to tide me over for awhile.

Nestle Drumstick : Classic Vanilla Caramel

So with all that in mind, I decided to try the Vanilla Caramel Drumstick because I couldn't remember if I've ever tried it before....well, I won't try it again. Cookies N' Creme is my favorite, and now caramel is at the bottom of the list. I just don't like the caramel they use. Also, as much as I enjoy peanuts, they were just a bit too many and they were going all over the place. I mean, I appreciate the effort by Nestle, but I don't need quite that many.... or maybe they use to stick to the cone better?

Positives? I don't think I've ever had a drumstick with a gummy cone, they're always crunchy, and you have to love the chocolaty coating inside the cone. The ice cream is always a decent consistency, though it's hard to give you an exact flavor analysis since it's hard to bite into it without grabbing something else (chocolate, caramel, cone).

Best part? that drumstick aftertaste! A good size serving that always finishes with that yummy chocolaty cone taste in your mouth. I've tossed the remaining chocolate eclairs out of the work fridge and these will be my emergency snack. (In case you couldn't tell, these are way more satisfying than the Weight Watchers cones)

On Second Scoop: TGIF! And what better way to celebrate than to dream of a tasty drumstick during an hour long meeting and then reward yourself at the end with the tasty treat! Oh yeah, the drumstick was gone in no time. I should have eaten slower, but I couldn't help myself, in fact, I ate so fast, I barely even noticed the so-so caramel center. Mmmmm. How I've missed my little drumstick friend. (I was being too picky about the nuts at well)

On Third Scoop: Funny, #3 and #4 were back to having way too many nuts on top, so #2 was a fluke I guess. I appreciate the added protein, but the crunch is just a smidge too much for my ice cream habits. Still not 100% fan of the caramel, it's the kind of caramel that tastes a bit off, almost a coffee or toffee flavor vibe really.

Nutrition on 1 serving (96g): 360c / 200cf-11gf / (1)f / 5p

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