Saturday, February 28, 2009

Topping of the Week: Smuckers Hot Fudge Topping

This is truly the review that just can't get written. We've dabbled with this sauce three times and still I haven't posted anything. I didn't even actually have any today (I finished off the Haagen-Dazs), but let's see what happens.

The first time we tried it, we went with the topping at room temperature (about 70 degrees if you want to get technical). It squirts out like some bizarre half melted tootsie roll. It won't spread at this temp, there's also no aroma, it's just kind of there.

The second time we tried it, I squirted a bunch in a mug and heated it up. I had forgotten how great hot fudge smells, so good in fact, there is that twisted thought in the back of my mind "hmmm, I wonder if I could drink this". Luckily (logically), I resisted. The hot fudge poured nicely over the whip cream covered sundaes. They tasted really good and smelled great.

We went back for a third try and already I'm having trouble getting the topping out of the container. They say you can just microwave the topping and squirt out what you need, but this strikes me as a bad idea for two reasons. One, we're those cautious kind of people who don't microwave anything in plastic (though using the mug means I do wind up heating too much). Two, I can't imagine reheating the sauce every time is good for it, I would think it would ruin the flavor. Anyway, I wound up shoving a butter knife into the container to get the topping out. I'd say we only have 2 more servings to go, but that's it (that's 5x2 total).

Nutrition: 130 / 35-1 / (1) / 2 [serving is 2 Tbsp]


Lois said...

LOVE SMUCKERS. However,packaging of "Hot Fudge Syrup" in plastic squeeze bottle leaves us "cold"!! Flavor not there but aroma when warm is compelling. However, in the past it was an improvement over Hershey in our opinions. Glass packaging is by far best. Also microwaving more than a couple times causes thickening of syrup. Thinning with water helps to hydrate for easier application. Lois

AnonyMouse said...

i was wondering this too, when it comes to reheating. The Smuckers hot fudge sauce i got came in a glass jar and it has directions for heating the whole thing (i was thinking if you were to use it all with your family or something since its a small jar) and then it also says on the lid to refrigerate after opening. However, it's not at all clear as to whether it means refrigerate after heating the jar or just after opening in general (like with spaghetti sauce). So I've been searching relentlessly online for clearer directions on whether it's okay to keep reheating the fudge but to no avail...

I've pretty much been taught my whole life that it's usually not good to reheat stuff multiple times and this just feels the same. I'm not sure exactly why my mother taught me that lol, whether it be the food just tends to lose its flavor, or if the texture gets weird, or possibly if it has something to do with bacteria growing or something idk, i just never do it. once i reheat left overs i generally never refrigerate and reheat again.

i could just be paranoid and over thinking this, but for some reason it just doesn't seem like a great idea to heat the whole jar, scoop a little out, refrigerate it, then keep reheating the whole thing time and time again until empty. Am i wrong on this or is it okay? Your thoughts would be appreciated!!! (sorry to write so much!)

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, I never understood the "heat the whole container repeatedly" thing either. I would personally use once and then refrigerate. Next time I need some, I will scoop some out and microwave for a few seconds. I would rather waste a bit of sauce then microwave all of it 10-15 times.

if all else fails, try a sundae syrup. smucker's makes one and hershey's makes one