Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brigham's Light Caramel Brownie Ice Cream

[discontinued, Brigham's doesn't make any light ice creams currently] I was so ready to jump into the freezer tonight after having a little too much fun at the grocery store last night. I know the freezer looked a little bare the other day, but don't worry, it's full again! I couldn't get brownies out of my head yesterday, and Shaws just happened to have to particularly tasty looking candidates on sales (well, Hola Fruta was on sale, woo hoo!). For whatever reason, 2 of Brigham's light flavors were on sale. I've already forgotten what the other flavor was because the Caramel Brownie had 100% of my attention. I've never tried one of their light flavors, actually, I'm not even sure I knew they had light flavors.

Brigham's Caramel Brownie premium churned light ice cream

Well, my belly is happy and now my eyeballs are trying to close. I've had my ice cream and I am ready to sleep in peace. You know, I was so happy to rip that plastic seal off that container tonight and just dig in. I think the first bite or two was a little disappointed because I expected to much, but then I settled in and decided that it's actually pretty good. The biggest problem is that it's easily the most airy ice cream I've ever had. I guess it's better than being rubbery, but it really is kinda strange to eat. I tried taking a picture of it because it looks kinda strange, but the picture didn't come out right.

The brownies are decent little bites: they're soft 1/2" squares that are about 1/4" thick and have a decent taste. Now the caramel swirls are very subdued. The caramel is definitely there, but it blends in and not once did it hit me with anything more than a very mild " hey, how ya doin' ". I guess the biggest problem with the airy dessert is that in no time I was a quarter of the way down into the container without even trying. Ok, I was REALLY hungry for ice cream, but there was nothing in my way to slow me down. As you may have guessed, I was totally aiming for the brownie bites as I went along. Hopefully they won't run out, but so far they've been running a good ratio and it's not like I expect Brigham's to jip the eater anyway.

So, good, but not great ice cream. I want to call it a mild flavor, but it's in a good way because it goes down really easy. I will try to eat a little slower when I go for my second scoop.

On Second Scoop: Ooops, I seem to have eaten all the brownie chunks during my first scoop review. There are a few buried in here, but it's gotten pretty boring. I'm also growing tired over the super aerated nature of this ice cream, I definitely won't be buying it again.

Nutrition: 150 / 30-2.5 / 0 / 3

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