Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breyers Peach Ice Cream Review

2012 Update: Peach has been demoted to a Frozen Dairy Dessert.

Ok, I'm about to muddle through a review, hopefully it will be apparent that I like the ice cream: So in the freezer is a container of Breyers Peach Ice Cream. I do enjoy peaches, but I can't say I really ever have the urge to eat Peach ice cream. I just don't put the two together, but I knew I should try it. I had a small serving the day we brought it home and I was pleasantly surprised. Not too strong and not too weak, basically the classic Breyers touch to fruit based ice creams (well, except their take on Black Raspberry). I finished the peach ice cream with nothing but positive thoughts.

So, I decided to second scoop about an hour ago, and I realized something (and this is where it might get confusing). The ice cream is triggering two responses in my brain. The first is the peach flavor, it's just where I want it to be. It reminds me of a nice chilled Dole Peach fruit cup. Ok, I'm lazy, I don't cut up fresh peaches, instead I use to keep a stash of the peach cups in the bottom of the fridge, ready for duty at a moments notice. The other thing that's getting me is the ice cream itself. It's triggering that comforting feeling you get with a nice fresh container of Breyers vanilla. It's not that it tastes like vanilla, it's just making me think of the vanilla in a good way. It's exactly what I would imagine if I blended some fresh Vanilla ice cream with my favorite peach cups.

Hope that makes sense, the point is that I like the peach. It makes me realize how substandard something like Edy's Apple Pie is. The quality is fantastic on the Breyers, even after a week of going in and out of the freezer. On the other hand, the Edy's (Dreyer's) turned into a lovely rubber bouncy ball. I won't be buying peach every week, I'm just not that big of a peach fan, but if you like peach, you have to check it out.

Nutrition: 120 / 45-3 / 0 / 2


Unknown said...

I found your blog actually a week ago when I was eating Triple Chocolate ice cream (out of the Breyer's carton) and google'd the flavor and brand.

I like Breyer's Peach too. It's light, more refreshing than the other flavors because its really simple.

And, if you look at the nutritional facts, each serving is ONLY 120 Calories AND 4.5g of fat. You can't beat that for ice cream that tastes the way it should. =p

Anonymous said...

I contacted them regarding my disappointment with the "demotion" of my two favorites (peach and now the chocolate chip too), to which they replied with clearly preformatted statements including:
"...Frozen Dairy Dessert ... is ... blended in a whole new way to create a
smoother texture, tends to have lower fat" [read likely has more sugar and air], "and maintains a
better texture throughout distribution....
Many flavors will not be converting to Frozen Dairy Dessert..." [and they include 12 varieties].
I don't care what they say, I won't be buying their FDDs again.
Oh well, it's just ice cream,... or maybe not.