Saturday, January 31, 2009

Treat of the Week: Weight Watchers GIANT Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Cone

Wow, that sure is a long name. I didn't pick these up because I'm on a diet or anything, though their low cal nature did justify the purchase. Well, that and they we're on sale, $4.49 for 4 to be precise. No no, we got these because my daughter noticed the little yellow on sale tag below a box with chocolate ice cream cones in it. She knows that her chances of getting something go way up when it's on sale.

With any low cal treat, we should all know by now to set the bar real low. WAY WAY low. Assume nothing, it's safer that way. At only 140 calories (35 from fat), you know this isn't really ice cream. Sure, they call it ice cream, and you can have deja vu while typing this, but we know it's really just another frozen dairy dessert called "low fat ice cream".

My first complaint? I couldn't get the wrapper off. It pulled apart easy enough at the top, but down low it got stuck. I did manage to free the treat without crushing the cone, but then I saw that the little fudge drops on top had melted off the ice cream and onto the lid. Not a big deal...well, I mean, it does take away a little from those first couple of bites because you should be enjoying fake ice cream and fudge, not just fake ice cream. The ice cream itself isn't that bad. It's not really good, but it could be worse.

I cruised through the top part because I knew the saving grace of this treat would be the cone. Unfortunately, my first cone bite was horribly chewy, but I pressed on. For whatever reason, about 15% of the cone was very chewy while the rest was enjoyably crunchy. A nice cone can always make you forgot about what's inside.

We actually saw a box of the "old style", but I went with the "Great New Taste"...actually, that thought frightens me a little. What did this taste like before?? If I made this treat, I'd make the crunchy cone go all the way up, and then I would eat them all the time and tell myself it's ok because they're healthy. Hey, gotta look at the bright side of things. The cone is the best part, so run with it.

On Second Scoop: I had my second cone last night and I am already bored with these. The wrapper didn't get stuck, and the cone was probably 90% crunchy, but the chocolate is just too low cal to offer and real enjoyment I guess.

Nutrition: 140 / 35-1.5 / 4 / 4 (2 WW Points)

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