Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Topping of the Week: Cool Whip

The Turkey Day Trifle left us with some extra Cool Whip, and it would be a -terrible- shame to let it go to waste. Actually, I'm amazed I've gone this long without digging into it.

I like to think my sundaes came out pretty tasty looking. I really had forgotten how much I like cool whip, or just whip cream in general. Starting with the always welcome waffle bowl, I scooped in some Just Jimmies, scooped on some cool whip, and then poured on a small helping of Nesquik. Wait, there is still something missing, that little extra something you add just for fun... sprinkles!

As always, I ate mine way too quickly. I figured that I wouldn't waste any time biting into the waffle cone, but I was enjoying the cool whip so much that I really wasn't sure what to do. I really did enjoy it, and now that my taste buds have been reminded of what they have been missing, that extra cool whip in the fridge will be gone in no time. make.......another....

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