Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nestle Crunch Loaded Ice Cream Bar

You know, I've always wondered what frozen cardboard would taste like. Honestly, the NEW! King Size Nestle Crunch Loaded vanilla ice cream bar looks way better than it tastes. I didn't see how I could go wrong with "crunchy bits inside and out!". Well, you go wrong when those "crunchy" bits are awful.

Maybe I should put the disclaimer that this came from the same place as that Butterfinger Ice Cream Bar came from. Just like that bar, my treat is quite flavorless and underwhelming. Hmmm, date says best by 6/19/09. I guess these things just aren't that good.

Nutrition: 270/150-12/(1)/3
(doh, I thought it was 30%, not 60% on saturated fat)

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