Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is Heavenly Hash?

No No, not that hash ...Heavenly Hash Ice Cream. I don't think I've ever had Heavenly Hash ...or have I? Hmmmmm. Off to the Internet I went in search of the answer. You would think I would get 3 million hits, but I didn't, just a few stragglers. From what I could tell, Heavenly Hash is just Rocky Road with chocolate chips. Time to verify this with a little help from my friends down at Uhlman's.

Oh yeah, that makes 3 for 3. My delicious sugar cone of Heavenly Hash was (almost) as I expected. A Fantastic chocolate, a well circulating marshmallow swirl, a few scattered almonds, and delicious huge chips of chocolate. How can this place make so many tasty flavors? The only thing that threw me for a loop was the use of the big fat almonds. I'm use to little wussy almonds that you just get a hint of, but these were big mighty almonds. I don't know if that counts as a complaint. I just wasn't prepared. As always, I enjoyed every bite, and now we know the difference between Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash.


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I was looking for than answer and you gave it! Thanks:)

TabelettesdeChocalat said...

In the 1960s anyone could buy Heaven Hash in any grocery store. My mom and I both loved it so we bought it often. Delicious!