Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The first Blue Bunny Ice Cream Review

Dubba's Note: Hi! If you've stumbled across this post, keep in mind that the blog was just two months old and this was the VERY FIRST Blue Bunny ice cream I had ever tried. I was not prepared for how different they make their ice cream. I have since come to love blue bunny, but I leave this up for historical purposes.

yeah, blue bunny has not gone over well in our ice cream filled household. We have a super Walmart about 5 minutes from our house (which is good considering the nearest grocery store is 12 minutes away). So every time I go food shopping, I walk by "Blue Bunny Ice Cream". It's the same price as Breyer's ($3), so sooner or later I had to try it. My wife had recently finished up her Breyer's Cookie Dough, so now seemed like a good time to try Blue Bunny's Super Chunky Cookie Dough Premium Ice Cream.

It started off ok. I pulled the well frozen container from freezer and dug in with my spoon. Initial impressions were fine. In fact, I think it reminded me of Turkey Hill cookie dough. I put a small serving in a cup for my daughter, and she approved of course, since she always does. Then I scooped my wife a bowl, but it was a few minutes before she grabbed it. Then I put it back in the freezer. She takes a bite of her ice cream, which has now melted a smidge, and is immediately put off. She tries a few more bites and goes "This tastes like garbage smells". That's a pretty rough comment for someone who loves ice cream and would consider cookie dough her #2 favorite flavor (behind cherry garcia). She finished the small bowl to be fair, but she is all done with Blue Bunny, I'm stuck with it now. With this development, I pull it back out of the freezer and it's still in the slightly melted state. I take a few bites, really trying to analyze it. The consistency has changed and it tastes like butter ...and I don't mean that in a good way. I check the ingredients and sure enough, BUTTER is an ingredient! Oh ....ewww, yeah, she's right, melted, the presentation of taste and texture is much worse. I've never seen that happen before. It's gotta be the butter (and buttermilk), which it looks like they put in a lot of their flavors.

Spoons down on Blue Bunny. May you never visit our freezer again.


Anonymous said...

It's not butter. It's butter fat, an esential ingriedient in making ice cream reguardless of who is manufacturing it. Oh, and by the way, one measure of the quality of ice cream is the amount of butter fat in a given amount of ice cream, the more, the higher the quality. Some maufacturers will substitue this essential ingriedient with cheap substitutes such as sea kelp.

Dubba Scoops said...

Wow, I'm sensing a lot of pent up anger ...so how long have you worked for Blue Bunny? (Congratulations on being the first to post a frustrated comment)

I'm not just talking about the buttermilk, I'm talking about the addition of "natural butter flavor". I just don't like the way it comes across.

If you like it, that's cool, just say so.