Friday, June 27, 2008

Breyer's OVERLOAD! Fried Ice Cream
A Light Ice Cream Review

WOW! OVERLOAD is the right word at the moment. Fried Ice Cream is listed as "Cinnamon caramel light ice cream swirled with honey caramel with cinnamon tostada pieces". Let's just say I feel a little off right now. Granted it is very humid, and the overload was still warm from the trip back from Walmart ....and maybe I ate it a smidge too fast, but whoa, I'm on overload myself. I didn't even eat that much!

I love cinnamon, but in this case it's too much of a good thing, or maybe it's too much caramel, iunno. It is a light ice cream, but that's not what is getting to me ...something ain't right. I'm going to let it refreeze overnight and I'll second scoop it tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: I'm sorry, but this just isn't working for me. I'm wondering if it's the honey caramel swirl that throws this ice cream just a bit too far into sweet territory. The tostada pieces also do nothing for me. I just can't recommend this one.

2011 Update: Sorry, this one didn't make the transistion to Breyers BLASTS!

Nutrition: 140 / 40-2.5 / 0 / 2


Unknown said...

Too bad. I actually liked this ice cream quite a bit. Of course, the experience is a far cry from eating ACTUAL fried ice cream, but given the obvious limitations under which Breyer's was working, I think they did a hell of a job.

Anonymous said...

I like the ice cream flavor pretty well, but I really did not like the texture of the fried tostada pieces - they were pretty chewy. Now if they coated the tostada bits with chocolate as Breyer's did in their waffle cone ice cream, that would have been better, I think, although more caloric.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed this ice cream very much I am truly bummed.