Monday, June 9, 2008

So Early ....but So Tasty

Ok, so we're smack dab in the middle of a New England heat wave. I don't know how people live in places with temps and humidities in the 90s all the time, it's awful. So, it's early, the temp is already in the high 70s and the air feels supersaturated (wow, haven't used that term since thermodynamics, it means over 100% relative humidity). Anyway: hot, sweating, suffering and running for the car, I grab myself a fudge pop and head out. It may not even be 8 AM, but mmmm, perfect timing. It's kinda of like having a super cold glass of chocolate milk with your breakfast do eat breakfast don't you?

Moral of the story: You've been on this planet long enough to make your own breakfast ...and if you want to have a fudge pop for dessert with your breakfast, then go for it, it's SUMMERTIME!

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