Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy "Milk" & Cookies

[New Recipe for 2024] Yes, I'm back again with yet another non-dairy flavor. I think I'm getting closer to finding one that I could actually slide in to my regular rotation...  maybe....

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy "Milk" & Cookies
vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirl

It's busy enough.

Oatmilk always seems to have that very smooth look to it.

I take my first bite and this is definitely not my beloved milk & cookies (one of my favorite flavors). I still feel like it needs more flavor. More cookie dough / brown sugar flavor in particular. I need more cookies! (there was only one clump of cookies in this serving).

I hit the chocolate cookie swirl and my spirits are lifted. It's the boost this flavor needs, but is there enough of it? Hmmmm....

At first I thought stirring (smooshing) it had potentially made the texture worse, but then I think it made the flavor better. It spread out the swirl so that it could have maximum efficacy. I will definitely have to try that again.

So yeah, I think we're getting closer to something I could keep in my freezer all the time.

Finally thought: Ya know, I dont really appreciate coconut, but for some reason I feel like this flavor could use some coconut in it....   there it is, the coconut 7 layer bar flavor. I bet that might make a good transistion to this recipe or better yet, some kind of chocolate coconut cake flavor. I feel like that could really work.

On Second Scoop: I can't say I was craving this one, but I was ok with grabbing this instead of something else for a few days. I really wish that these were lower in fat content, because then I could justify the change in pace in exchange for it being heathier. I think I'm going to try the cheezecake next, but after that, I might pick this one up again. We'll see.

Verdict?  growing on me
Buy Again?  I might actually!

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  1. Hmmm, I might check it out too then. Thanks Dubba!


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