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Ben & Jerry's New Non-Dairy Recipe

[New for Late 2023] I was hoping that I might find one of the two new Ben & Jerry's pints at Stop & Shop (PB S'more or Impretzively Fudged), but no such luck (oh how I miss the days when my area seemed to get everything first). Anyway, I didn't want to come home empty handed, so I think it's time to try....

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with fudge flakes
& Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


For context: It's been three years since I tried a non-dairy pint from B&J's. I have tried two of their sunflower flavors (neither of which I loved) and an almond based flavor which I also didn't click with. I did find this on shelves awhile back and verified that they've switched to an oat milk base that also has  pea protein and fava bean protein in the mix. So these aren't nut based, but if you have a bunch of food allergies, then you might want to proceed with caution (I'm no doctor, so feel free to consult one).

It's pretty busy in here!

So the first thing to discuss is this new "smooth & creamy" tag and having had a serving, I can say that it is indeed smooth and creamy. There is still that non-dairy tingle, but overall, not a terrible first impression.

The second thing to discuss is flavor, and it's a bit flat until you hit the plentiful cookie dough chunks. They do a fairly good job of distracting me from the non-dairy-ness of this pint.

Ok, I let it sit for a few minutes so that I could judge the aftertaste (it's there, but not terrible) and also see if the texture changes after a little bit of tempering... Alright, I would say that the tempering brought out a bit more oatmilk flavoring (if you eat around the cookie dough). If you eat it with the cookie dough though, the flavors might actually be blending a bit better.

So this is a decent product, but I have a question. Why not juice up the base to be brown sugar flavored? You've spent all this time to relaunch the product line, why not make the initial flavor the best it could be? Hopefully the cheesey base of Strawberry Cheezecake will zing a little more.

P.S. I just wrapped things up with some pretzels, but I still taste oatmilk...

On Second Scoop: tomorrow most likely

Verdict?  not bad
Buy Again?  TBD

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