Tuesday, February 21, 2023

DQ Under the Rainbow Shake

[New for February 2023, back for 2024] During our Sunday adventures, we did manage to stop by DQ for a lunchtime snack. I didn't get a blizzard, but I did get a....

Dairy Queen Under the Rainbow Shake
fruity flavors and rainbow sprinkles mixed with vanilla softserve (and milk)

Taste the rainbow (shake)!

Basically this is a very sweet strawberry shake and I enjoyed it very much. I even enjoyed the sprinkles because they were fun without being too hard. I don't want some super loud hard crunching going on while I'm trying to slurp down a shake. Crunchy these was not an issue.

So why call it "fruity flavors" when it's very obvious that they've used their sweet strawberry topping to supply most of the flavor? Well, if you check the ingredients, you will see that they also snuck in a little bit of "Kiwi Strawberry Misty Slush Flavoring". I can't say I tasted any kiwis, but I definitely approve of the final product.

There were a few strawberry chunks that would occasionally block the straw, but overall, I enjoyed the consistency of this one. As always, this is DQ, so you're mileage might vary (aka I feel like the last few shakes I got were a little thinner than this one).

Well, that's all I got! A tasty drink that I would happily get again. If you like strawberry, give this one a shot. I suspect that you'll have until at least the end of March to give it a shot (because it's for St. Patrick's Day.... wait, an under the rainbow blizzard would be fun with some cake pieces!)

On Second Scoop (aka 2024): Still tasty! The funny part was that they didn't add enough milk, so it was similar consistency to my wife's blizzard. I had to eat it with a straw until it melted sufficiently enough to drink it. That might sound like a complaint, and technically it is I guess, but it was also pretty fun. This would make for a great blizzard, and if I had a spoon, I just would have eaten most of it that way.

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  yup!

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