Friday, November 4, 2022

Chipwich Ice Cream Pints

[New for March 2022] Sorry for no post last weekend. My son brought germs home from school and unfortunately it took me out for several days. I think I'm almost better, so let's try the new Chipwich pints that I finally found at Market Basket.

Chipwich Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Chipwich Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Well vanilla looks fun enough.

But mint got a little sunken in.

I'll be honest, I have a bad feeling right now. The ice cream texture looks off. I take my first bite of vanilla and then mint and both have a gritty, freezer burned texture. Darn you Market Basket! Why do you keep ruining the ice cream I buy from you? Do you secretly know that I won't return it? Sure, occasionally we get a decent container, but of the last 8 containers I bought, I think only 2 were fresh and undamaged.

Anyway... the chocolate chips seem to be the same ones you find on the sides of a chipwich. They are mostly on the top but there are some scattered throughout the pint. And the cookies? Well, I assume they are similar if not the same recipe we are all familiar with. They are very soft, but it's hard to discern their flavoring right now... 

Wait, quick disclaimer: my lingering stuffiness has dulled my sense of taste a bit, so it's possible that this initial review is a bit skewed.

Positives? I like the way the fun mint flavor caught my attention!

The ice cream itself is quite soft (especially after the trip home and then several minutes for pictures). I couldn't really detect any flavor coming from the vanilla ice cream (see disclaimer above). The chips aren't super fun right now either. Maybe it will work better once it's completely solid again.

On Second Scoop: I attacked both pints off and on. The biggest mix-in surprise was how plentiful the cookie chunks are. It's kind of crazy and definitely brings a certain fun factor. That said, the vanilla is still pretty dull. Thankfully we have the mint flavor to keep things interesting. Mint Cookie Dough might seem like a whacky idea, and I think if most companies did it, the cookie dough would get lost amongst the mint flavoring. However, because the cookie factor is so strong with these pints, the mint combo winds up being pretty unique. I think it's enough to make me try these again, but maybe from a different store.

Prediction: I think (hope) we see another pint flavor in 2023. Chipwich is usually pretty good about pacing themselves. Do you think they should go chocolate or cake flavor next time?

Prediction Results: Nothing new in 2023

Verdict?  grows on you
Buy Again?  can I get guaranteed fresh pints?

allergy note: manufactured on shared equipment


  1. I think they should go with a coffee/mocha flavor next time ;). Hey some of us LOVE coffee ice cream....and coffee and cookies sounds delightful!

  2. If it's any additional consolation, I've had those Favorite Day sandwiches that you had on your IG, and they are good! I had no quality control issues with them (unlike some other Favorite Day ice creams), so I was lucky too.

  3. @May, but isn't inconsistency the definition of poor quality control *raised eyebrow*

  4. I would say it's a fair statement as the sandwiches probably come from a different plant

  5. Came here to see if anyone else felt the way I did about this ice cream. It definitely had a gritty freezer-burned texture, plus the vanilla had no taste at all. And most of the chips were on top. Unfortunately, it was the only thing available at Wawa and since it said "premium vanilla ice cream" and Chipwich is a famous brand, I thought maybe that would be true. Tomorrow I'm going to buy Haagen Daaz or Breyer's and throwing the rest of this out.


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