Thursday, September 1, 2022

Van Leeuwan Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Time to see how Van Leeuwan handles a classic flavor like cookies & cream. C&C should be easy peazy, but considering that  Haagen-Dazs can't do it right, you never know.

Van Leeuwan Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with cream cookie chunks

Looks like it shrank...

...but oh is it a busy pint!

I took a few bites and then proceeded to obliterate the faux (14oz) pint. Part of it was because of flavoring and part of it was because that Van Leeuwan ice cream isn't super dense. I just kept scooping and scooping without getting full (though, I was also pretty hungry when I started).

The neat trick with this one is that their eggy French ice cream really adds a funky pop to the cream side of things. This thing was jammed packed with cookie chunks of varying sizes and yet it was always that creamy, eggy note that stood out in every bite. You could throw a few more Oreos in here and it would still rock a C&C vibe.

The last few flavors I've tried from Van Leeuwan have been good but not great. They would list a few components and then not always deliver on how I felt those components should come across (example: a s'mores flavor that doesn't have much graham flavoring). This one helps bring back some enthusiasm for my next pint from them.

On Second Scoop: I didn't leave a whole lot for the second scooping, but I did enjoy it. I don't know if that strong eggy vibe is going to click with everyone, so be sure to leave a comment after you try this one.

Second Pint Note: I couldn't resist buying another pint, but bad luck struck and I got a horribly freezer burned pint. Oh Walmart, why do you torment me!

Verdict?  busy busy busy
Buy Again?  sure!


Allie B said...

I've been a fan of some of VL's weirder flavors, so maybe I'm biased, but Cookies & Cream is my favorite classic flavor, and I've frequently been disappointed by some usually reliable brands. I loved VL's version, though. The richness of the egg in the custard actually brings it a notch closer to the flavor of homemade ice cream for me.

ibagoalie said...

I had one of their pints that had the texture of a frozen slushy. Is that the 'freezer burn' you often speak of?

Dubba Scoops said...

hmmm, not sure frozen slush came to mind, but we're probably talking about the same thing(?)