Friday, April 19, 2019

Dairy Queen Cake Shakes - Chocolate & Strawberry

[New for Apr-Aug 2019] So I've covered the two new blizzards and one of the two new cupfections, so that just leaves the new cake shakes to try.

Dairy Queen Cake Shakes
(milk, vanilla softserve, sauce, cake, topping)

A couple of big cake pieces top every shake.

The chocolate cake shake, while beautiful on top, is way too chocolatey. Granted, it's DQ, so store to store variations mean your shake may be less chocolatey than mine was, but I personally prefer a better balance, especially since the cake factor gets drowned out. That's right, no secret cake or cake batter flavoring here. It's just a really chocolatey shake with a high chance of getting something stuck in your straw.

All the toppings sank on the drive back to work.

The strawberry cake shake was much more enjoyable, but I am a fan of DQ's strawberry sauce so it's not really a surprise. Again, there's not a ton of cake flavoring, but I was amused that they gave me a spoon this time (yes, I did use it to grab the bigger strawberry and cake chunks). So this is basically akin to a strawberry cake blizzard but thinner because of the added milk. I enjoyed it, but I think it should taste more like cake. Add more cake and less milk and then we'll have a party!

To recap, it's basically their regular shakes with cake thrown in. I had hoped for a little more pizazz. At least the cake was fresh on both visits, so no complaints there at least.

Verdict?  yeah strawberry, nay chocolate
Buy Again?  only the strawberry one


  1. Ok, so I just tried the chocalate cake shake for the first time at the Chattanooga, tn gunbarrel store. When the girl handed the $4 small shake to me, I saw no cake or chocalate bits? I asked where is the cake and she said theres cake blended in. I said but the pic shows cake on top, she says, I can put some cake on top but we dont have a cake cutter. Really? So much for experiencing the cake shake for the first time. It was a good chocalate shake but that's all it was because there wasnt a smidgen of cake in it. Not one smidgen!

  2. I thought it was ok but aside from the two small cake pieces on top there was virtually no cake blended into the shake at all and I used my straw to try and detect any lumps in the shake that could be cake pieces but found none


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