Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Outshine Strawberry Yogurt & Granola

[New for 2018] You know the best part about today's review? it was on sale.... to be specific, the three bucks I plopped down is pretty much the most you would want to pay for this, and even then, it might be a bit much. Let's take a look at....

Outshine Strawberry Yogurt & Granola

Now there are 7 new Outshine pints out there. Three are based on yogurt and four are based on banana. That's right, Nestle / Dreyers / Edy's has taken the time to serve up a banana based non-dairy alternative. Non-dairy is kind of a big little thing right now so it doesn't surprise me to see them try to get their foot in the door like so many others are trying to do.

So the yogurt version comes in peach, blueberry acai, and strawberry and the banana based version comes in tropical blend, sunrise blend, berry blend, and strawberry banana. As you already know, I went with the strawberry (after a quick decision). I avoided the banana versions to start but be aware that I will be trying to get a "snow monkey" brand review up soon (also banana based).

After removing the plastic seal, I am exposed to a nice array of granola bits and signs of real strawberries... but the look of the base yogurt does scare me a bit.

I dive in and it's not too tangy, but it's very chalky even after several minutes of tempering. It literally tastes like yogurt that's been frozen. Take a strawberry yoplait, mix in a small scoop of small granola bits, freeze, and you would have this product. I feel like I should elaborate but at the same time that perfectly sums up this product. Why would I throw more than a few bucks at something like this? Or really, why would I buy this in general unless I am really bent on eating something frozen (but then why not just freeze my own favorite flavor of yogurt and skip the middle man?)

On Second Scoop: Everyone remembers that I have texture issues right? I hate a bad texture and this stuff is pretty close to being the frozen equivalent of astronaut ice cream. Sure, maybe I got a bum pint, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's on purpose. I just tried eating it again (while secretly wishing I had some whipped cream handy). It's been here for say 15 minutes and the texture is still chalky. Let's see what happens if I leave it out for another half hour or so {time passes} I mix up the melting treat and get it down to a texture that is a bit easier to handle, but could it be better still? I toss in a ton of granola (that I thankfully had handy) and did some more mixing. Ok, I could get behind this but it's kind of a waste. Basically two thirds of the faux pint mixes down to one third of a pint (at best), and then I mixed in my own granola (honey roasted bunches of oat granola if you are curious), and then it was decent yet still chalky. Yes, I have finally reached something mildly interesting, but that's certainly not enough to get me to recommend you run out and try these. As always, let me know if you have a better experience than I did.

Verdict?  yogurt that's been frozen
Buy Again?  unlikely


  1. Selling frozen yogurt with granola in it ‘ought to be a crime. I applaude your adventurous spirit and bravery for the sake of this blog.

  2. How can these people get away with selling this kind of garbage? Peach yogurt with granola....It is a sandy, tasteless, no peach in it, not yogurty, some grain in it of some sort. Just another scheme to fool poor Americans that this is worth dirtying a spoon. But then, I did buy it, I gave them my $2...Mind you, on sale. The cup much lighter than it should be for size. Disgusting...No words. Angry.

  3. I wish I had found your review before I bought this junk :-). Normally I like most of the Outshine products, but this stuff is bad, bad, bad. Exactly like you say.... it is impossible to get past the chaulkiness. I had the strawberry and granola one. It has virtually no strawberry flavor, nothing but this chaulky texture. Before I got more then a few spoonfuls into it I asked my five year old if she wanted some....." nah, I don't think so" - outsmarted by a five year old -again

  4. Just tried this - wish I had seen your review first.... I immediately searched Outshine Frozen Yogurt Grainy after two bites because of this awful texture. Yuck.


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