Sunday, February 19, 2017

Edy's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
A Light Ice Cream Review

[New for early 2017] I promised back to back reviews with similary named products again so let's see how Edy's Slow Churned takes on a Friendlys flavor of the same name.

Edy's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Light Ice Cream
chocolate light ice cream with
double chocolate cookie dough pieces and chocolate morsels

Just like with Friendly's, when I first heard the name, I had delusions of a flavor that had 2x the cookie dough factor. That's not what's going on here. This says "double chocolate" cookie dough, so basically a chocolate chocolate chip cookie right? I don't know why it's called that but....

These were all one piece that I broke apart after they sat out.

...I take a bite and then wonder if it's called that because these ultra dense versions of a fudge truffle are super chocolaty. That probably sounds awesome, but go back to that part where I said "ultra dense". Even after letting them temper for several minutes, they are still... odd.

Ewww, Edy's slow churned chocolate base has not gotten any better over the years. It kind of feels like it has a watery component to it. It's.... uggg, just hit another (frozen gum?) chunk. I so regret buying this right now. Do they not try these out in real life? You know, have some employees take them home, leave them in a freezer for a week or two, and then try them that way?

I press on through the frozen roadblocks and occasionally get a tiny chocolate chip (yes, they are the same annoying ones as found in yesterday's review). Hey, I actually tasted the slightly chocolatey flour chunk that time.

I'm sorry, but I am totally unamused right now. These cookie chunks are just maddening, especially in this substandard base. I get really frustrated when I can't figure out why a company would put out a product like this. Maybe tomorrow will go better with much lower expectations.

On Second Scoop: I'll keep it simple, avoid this ice cream. It's terrible. Seriously. I don't even want to finish the bowl before me. From the stupid chunks to the off-flavored base, this one does not deserve to be purchased, ever. The only good news is that it's limited edition. Avoid this one until it disappears.

Verdict?  awful
Buy Again?  nope


Jp said...

All three of the Edy's/Dreyer's Tollhouse flavors are terrible. Pretty disappointing.

Deb said...

How do the cookie dough chunks compare to the brownies in double fudge brownie?

Unknown said...

The oatmeal cookie dough one isnt all that great to.....real cinnamony flavoring

Sean E said...

Damn, now I'm really interested to know if you think the PB one is good like I do! Either my tastebuds suck or there's a diamond in the rough ;P

Dubba Scoops said...

@Jp: how would you rank them? I'm guessing it's 1 pb, 2 oatmeal, 3 double choc

@Deb: put it this way, I've never had a mix in like this before

@Waffle: eh? are you saying too much cinnamon in the container you got? I'll be posting my review soon and the consensus seems to be a very strong lack of cinnamon in the base. Let me know!

@Sean: it would not surprise me if pb was the most acceptable of the three based on what's annoying me with the other two.