Friday, December 9, 2016

Turkey Hill Vanilla Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream

Ok, today's review is definitely not new, it's just one of those flavors you may not recognize at first glance... mainly because it used to be known as BLITZburg Crunch which debuted in 2010 and was decked out with the Pittsburg Steelers logo. That's not all, (Phillies) Graham Slam, (Pinstripe) Brownie Blast, (Eagles) Touchdown Sundae have also lost their sports team brandings. Oh, if you had a thing for Bronx Bombers Sundae, that flavor appears to be gone completely. History lesson aside, let's dig in since these flavors tended to only be regional in the past.

Turkey Hill Vanilla Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with chocolate crunchies & chocolate cookie swirl

That's a lot of brown.

WHOA! It's almost orange!

A quick taste reveals that familiar chocolate crunch swirl that is salty and definitely not some generic fudge swirl. The vanilla base doesn't provide a huge contrast for that swirl, but let's see how a full serving goes.

On Second Scoop: Whoops, I didn't mean to write such a short first scooping report, but no matter. The important thing to note on a flavor like this is that it will grow on you. At first, I was a little lost because the swirl didn't have a ton of other flavor to play against. That said, my enjoyment grew with each serving. There's a ton of flavor coming from the swirl and it's been too long since I sampled it in their excellent lady liberty mint flavor (which has been discontinued? NO!!). 

Knowing that it did grow on me, my biggest comment would be that it needs way more chocolate crunchies (or even chocolate chips) to help balance out the swirl. I don't want them to ditch the swirl, it's too epic a thing to do that, but I see now that it needs the right setting to really shine. For now, I'm going to go daydream about this flavor as part of a hot fudge brownie sundae.

Verdict?  a different kind of C&C
Buy Again?  sure


Danielle said...

I noticed this change a few months back when I found the pinstripe brownie - TH and these flavors are my favorite - so amazing!

Unknown said...

Where can I get this