Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wendy's Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger
and the Nosh Show Episode 88

Hey Nosh Show listeners! Episode 88 is alive and well and includes a special guest. Ryan wasn't able to make it so the infamous JunkBanter filled in at the very last moment. If you don't follow him on instagram already then let me just say that he gets the first scoop on a ton of junk food.

Now at the beginning of the episode I mention that I had the chance to try the new Wendy's Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger but then realized my wallet was kind of empty. I had forgotten that it was only in certain markets, one of which being Massachusetts. The day after recording I decided to head back to Wendy's and boy do I regret it.

It is amazing how much aroma is radiating from this sandwich. It's pretty interesting looking if not somewhat lopsided from probably hasty construction. I'd pick it up for a better photo but I'm pretty sure it's going to go everywhere.

And it went everywhere. This is a very potent burger flavorwise and the sauce inside has gone everywhere. All the components taste fresh but it's overwhelming to someone like me. On one hand it tastes like someone made very buttery garlic bread out of of croissants, but it's more complex then that. I'm not very worldly but I will say that this does remind me of those Lay's truffle flavored chips from last year.

Like I said, I can't quite place all the flavors, but there is a bit of a mushroom vibe to the sandwich. The vegetation is ok. The bacon crunch was short lived. The burger felt seasoned but I think that was the sauce. Oh the sauce. The sauce that overrides everything. Technically, should I say the sauce/cheese combo is overriding everything.

This is the mess left just before I finished up and it doesn't includes all the napkins and wipes I had to use to clean myself up. My word was this messy. Messy and potent. I can't say I recommend this burger. When I first saw the picture, I said on the Nosh Show that it looked like it would just be this really soft, wonderful whatever and it pulls that off, but it does it while punching you in the tastebuds. I'm sure some will love it but consider this review my warning.

Alrighty, thanks again to JunkBanter for helping us out and he will pop up again on future episodes. Be well and have a good week everybody!

Verdict?  Super Messy, Very Potent
Buy Again?  NOPE

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