Thursday, February 25, 2016

Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bar

[New for 2016] My trip to Wegmans got bumped off a day so I decided to hit Price Chopper instead. I had just about given up hope when we got to the end of the aisle and I spied two new treats. One was unexpected (but predicted by Nick) and the other one was what I was really hoping for. That's right, I ran in to....

Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bar
raspberry ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating,
raspberry sauce with other natural flavor and milk chocolate

I'm so excited for new products that I unwrapped this one at 9 a.m..... wait, did these get smaller? Checking, checking, yup, they are! 3.04 oz verses 3.38 (need to go back and see if this change is across the whole product line)

I take a bite and there is plenty of flavor. Yes the raspberry still has some bite but it's basically in check now. I expected bold here but had hoped overall it would work and it does.

If you've had something with a strong raspberry swirl, you now how this tastes. The double shell is as fun as ever. The chocolate it definitely the supporting flavor unless you try really hard to let it melt on your tastebuds a bit before finishing your bite.

I definitely like these better that the magnum infinity chocolate & raspberry bars, though part of that is because there are no annoying cocoa bean nibs. The raspberry is still powerful, but it's more acceptable here. Maybe it's the double chocolate shell or maybe it's the fact that it's milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate, but this is definitely a better combo here. (note: not as great as the HD pomegranate bar mind you, but still an improvement over last year)

So, yeah, I totally inhaled that first bar, so I will leave you with a question. Would you have gone with raspberry or would you prefer cherry or orange or some other fruit flavor?

On Second Scoop: I wanted to make sure I tried another bar before posting this review and all I can say is just a repeat of the first scooping. There's tons of milk chocolate which helps balance all of the raspberry going on. I wish Magnum had a nicer, all natural texture for their ice cream, but this is still a nice treat to break up their offerings a bit.

Verdict?  double shell final goes fruity
Buy Again?  maybe

--Stay tuned as there is also a double chocolate vanilla bar to be reviewed!


Danielle said...

Raspberry is my all time fav flavor so I would only buy these with this fruit flavor.

Anonymous said...

I really like these - but I do prefer the dark chocolate raspberry. I think the latter has a more sophisticated taste.

Dubba Scoops said...

Interesting point, I wonder how a double dark chocolate shell over the raspberry would taste (sans cocoa nibs ofcourse)

California Geek said...

Yes! I just picked these up the other day and checked on here hoping one of you guys would have reviewed these! I really like them, though I agree that I wish the ice cream were a little more the texture of ice cream and les the texture of frozen whipped cream. I would actually have liked a more intense, authentic raspberry flavor from the ice cream itself, too, but I'm a huge fan of raspberry, and I like it with a little bit of a bite.

I love these double-shell bars because you can just bite through them, or, if you're skilled and really want to take your time, you can carefully deconstruct them and eat them one layer at a time.

Now I want to see them combine the peanut butter one and this one for a pb&j effect...

Anonymous said...

I think that would be good (I don't mind the cocoa nibs - but I wouldn't be upset to not have them). I love chocolate and raspberry, so I'd love to have all three options!

Anne Sutton said...

I like strawberry as a favorite fruit pairing. I wouldn't mind seeing a pairing with mint or something totally novel like a passion fruit or tangerine though.

Dubba Scoops said...

@CaliforniaGeek: HA! I think a berry/pb combo crossed my mind as well, that would certainly get peoples attention.

@Anne: they actually had a mint one but it's been retired for a bit now

D... said...

Oh hey, this reminded me because of the similarity! Haagen Dazs Pomegranate Dark Chocolate bars are back! And not special edition anymore, standard flavor. I bought 3 boxes of them last weekend and devoured them all. It is the best chocolate/ fruit ice cream bar I have ever had..

Shi Shia said...

I'd prefer another fruit flavor. Cherry or orange would be interesting. I absolutely hate raspberry, to be honest. But I check your reviews with them anyway since my mom is the exact opposite of me: she LOVES raspberry. She'd probably like these.