Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pillsbury Mini Pies Review
S'mores, Chocolate Lava, and Apple Cinnamon

[New for 2015] Alrighty, since the ice cream scene is beyond quiet right now, let's snag a Nosh or Not from Episode 69 because, honestly, the second I saw these, I knew they needed to be part of a breakfast sundae. (To keep things simple, we're going to review all of them at once)

Pillsbury Mini Pies
Apple Cinnamon filled with apples and spices (caramel icing)
S'mores filled with chocolate and marshmallow (chocolate icing)
Chocolate Lava filled with chocolate (vanilla icing)

There's two to a bag and they use the same icing packs as toaster strudel.

...Ahh, whatever, I'm making all of them!

AHHHHH! Don't overcook them even a little, they explode!

I love S'mores so I go with that one first. I take my first bite and there's definitely plenty of marshmallow flavor here (as you can see from the picture as well). It's very reminiscent of the marshmallow you find inside of a low end chocolate covered marshmallow bunny. The graham flavor could be stronger too, but I expected that. Overall, it's a bit unbalanced and I kind of have the urge to throw some chocolate chips on it.

Chocolate Lava is next, and it's.... iunno really, but it's not a positive. The second it hits your tastebuds, there's this nice explosion of chocolate something, but it gets weird. There was a little weirdness to the s'mores, but here it's jacked up 20 times louder. It doesn't really get better if you press on. These are not good.

Apple Cinnamon .... isn't bad. I think I would prefer the sweet toaster strudel icing to this caramel icing they included. There's just not enough here to excite me, or even amuse you. It's not awful, but I can't say I'll ever be buying and cooking these over a regular (enjoyable) apple cinnamon toaster strudel.

Speaking of that, I have to say, I don't can't really recommend these. If you really want to try them, I'd go with S'mores unless you get easily annoyed by fake marshmallow. At four bucks a box for something that's not that good, especially the chocolate... oh man, the chocolate, it smells good too but it finishes like, geez, it reminds me of something that I can't place.

Second Opinions: My wife samples all three mini pies. She does not like the chocolate lava and the S'mores is her favorite. My daughter samples all three and says.... the chocolate one is good?! She can have them then. She says s'mores is a kind of weird, which I get because of the marshmallow. Finally, she thinks the apple cinnamon tastes like a candle. My wife grabs another S'mores one and is amused. My daughter grabs another chocolate one and... doesn't actually finish it. Wow, she got bored of that one quickly, but now that's a solid three votes against chocolate.

We're done.

Verdict?  wish they had been on sale
Buy Again?  no chance on lava or apple, maybe the S'mores

On Second Scoop: I just want to note that the apple cinnamon ones are better chilled than warm from the oven, but then the question becomes, why doesn't this thing have at least twice as much filling. It's more dough than anything and that's just not cool.

note: apple cinnamon cooks 5 minutes longer than the other two


  1. Was looking for these in the grocery store, what section are they in? With Cake mixes? Freezer?

  2. This was a smaller Shaws, but it was near the breakfast foods (and across from the ice cream actually)

  3. It would be ideal if they used better marshmallow filling something with a stretch. A square of fresh marshmallow is more ideal.

  4. @Aleksandr Rozentsvit:

    I think a square of actual fresh marshmallow would melt away to nothing? That's usually what happens to marshmallow that gets put in the oven inside baked goods. I'm kind of amazed that that apparently didn't happen here - they must have done some food-science-y magic to make something that tastes like marshmallow but doesn't evaporate when heated....

  5. The S'mores is amazing!!! I think the marshmallow fluffs up perfectly. Only problem is I can't stop eating them!!! New favorite dessert!!!


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