Saturday, December 19, 2015

Target Triple Berry Cobbler Ice Cream

[New for 2015] Alrighty, there is one more new Target / Market Pantry flavor for 2015 and it's time we review it aka the mood finally struck for.....

Market Pantry Triple Berry Cobbler Ice Cream @Target
naturally flavored blueberry ice cream
with raspberry & strawberry swirls and pie crust pieces

It doesn't look like blueberry, but it definitely smells likes it!

Well, it's not quite as colorful as the packaging would lead you to expect. I snag a bite of crust and am reminding of a blueberry.... ummm, a blueberry.... scone I guess? Hmmm, give me a second.

Wait, quick side note. What do blueberries have to do with Christmas? It makes even less sense than last year's Christmas time apple pie flavor. I mean, around here, blueberry picking season is July and August. Sure, the weather is weird nowadays, but by no means am I about to go blueberry picking. Ok, I'm done, back to eating.

Blueberry seems to be the dominant flavor, I'm not really picking up any major raspberry or strawberry flavor from the swirls. That said, I am getting a fair amount of crust pieces and that's helping win me over. The pieces are fairly dry and solid, and not too sweet or sugary, but they are a nice contrast to the base ice cream.

The muddled flavor of the ice cream alone isn't going to win any awards, but with a fine texture for a budget ice cream, and if the crust piece count can stay steady, I may have to say that this one is safe to try if it piques your interest.

On Second Scoop: Despite a little bit of unidentified funk in the flavor, I am enjoying this one, which is weird because I'm just not a big blueberry fan (one too many blueberry muffins in my early work days). I think part of the amusement is the fact that it's cobbler, not cheesecake, so we get crust bits instead of a cheese vibe and I find myself enjoying it. It's just an easy scooper that's surprisingly enjoyable in part because it's different. 

Verdict?  surprisingly decent
Buy Again?  perhaps


Anonymous said...

Notice how the ingredients do not list blueberries used in this recipe. Strawberries and raspberry puree are listed but nothing about blueberries, and yet, you mentioned that blueberry is the dominant flavor. I'm guessing that artificial blueberry flavor was used.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Stride: way, way, way, WAY at the bottom, it lists "natural flavor" in the base ice cream ingredients, that would be the blueberry. Must be some kind of an extract which explains it's potentness without the color change.