Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

[New for early 2015] Oh geez, another lunch time peanut packed pickup for me today. I saw this pop up at Stop & Shop at over five bucks, but I said I would hold off for a better deal ($3.74 to be precise). So, without any more pointless intro to this year's new Magnum release, I give you....

Magnum Double PEANUT BUTTER Ice Cream Bars
peanut butter ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating,
peanut butter sauce and milk chocolate

Ok, not the most photogenic sample.
(mr. blurrycam focused on the background isn't helping)

I take my first bite and it's drier then I expected

The shells come across very solid, as does the peanut butter stuck between them (which makes sense once you look at what's inside after biting the bar). I did kind of expect something a bit more gooey, but this works too. It's still good and it's still fun.

The peanut butters (ice cream and sauce) don't seem overly salty or gritty. You can't look for a Reeses vibe here, but there is a robustness to the peanut butter ice cream. Yes it is somewhat flat, but not completely. If you can slow down, there is a nice... ahhh, what's the word I want here.

I don't know what to compare this treat to. On the first try here, I'm not even sure what's doing what. Maybe the ice cream is flat and the sauce is giving it some spunk. Or maybe they are both decent and come together for something nice.

I'm not crazy enamored with it yet, but I definitely like it. I think the overall ratios of everything could use a little tweak, maybe a bit more ice cream to balance against all that peanut butter. Now, had they put salty peanut bits in the shell, I think my brain might have exploded. As is, I'm looking towards a second scooping tomorrow to round out my thoughts (because there is way too much fat in this thing to have more than one a day).

On Second Scoop: And I ate it too fast again. Simple review: don't be afraid to pick these us. Extended thoughts: you know I adore these double shells, it's just such a unique trick in a busy freezer aisle. I actually ate off the shell and tried eating the tasty ice cream underneath. There something that keeps it from being perfect for my particular taste preference, but this is still a nice addition to the line up.  [oh man, just had a random thought: what if they made a cookie dough version that had like a real sweet sauce between the double shell? mmmm, sugar overload]

Current Verdict?  good, definitely good
Buy Again?  as an occasional high octane treat


  1. Hey Dubba, I just got back into the US after 8 years abroad, and haven't had ice cream since I left (I know, it's tragic).

    Could you recommend some of your most spectacular ice creams to pick up for somebody who loves cookie dough, brownies, peanut butter and hazelnut?

    Love your blog - rock on

  2. 8 years? whoa, so much has changed since then. Breyers cant be trusted, Edy's is back from the brink (though still not their old selves), B&J has a ton of offerings as always, though many are new, HaagenDaz hasnt changed much in their base line up, though their bars are all good. Gelato is big right now, Frozen Dairy Dessert is a scourge. Hazelnut isnt huge but it will give you an excuse to try Talenti (they have a new hazelnut chocolate chip flavor). Wait, does this mean you've never had B&J milk&cookies flavor? Start there.

  3. Josh, Peanut Butter Half Baked from Ben & Jerry's will hit all of your loves except hazelnut. If you like coffee, I'd recommend Hazelnut Caffe from Ciao Bella Gelato for your hazelnut fix. Mostly anything with peanut butter from Ben & Jerry's you haven't tried is highly recommended. Peanut Butter World and Peanut Butter Jam Session are exclusive to Target but worth seeking out from Ben & Jerry's. Peanut Butter Pie from Haagen-Dazs might be something to try as well. I could recommend things for hours...

  4. Nick, I'd be curious to know if you like this Peanut Butter Magnum flavor since you seem to love all the peanut butter flavors I do! Fyi...The best peanut butter ice cream, and I'm an ice cream connoisseur, is Calder Dairy here in Michigan.

  5. Have you seen the new Double Raspberry Magnum bars? I'd love to hear your take on those.

  6. double raspberry review is actually in the queue and scheduled to go next!

  7. How did you manage to taste any peanut butter? The only thing that comes across is SUGAR!!!! .................AND the chocolate is not half as thick as the picture you showed in fact its the thinnest chocolate possible - quite an achievement actually but not in any good way. P.S. flavour has a u in it! If you are going to use the English language use it properly or get your own .

  8. ummm.... so I faked my photos? any chance you are in another country where maybe your treat came from a different plant than the U.S. version? Just a wild guess...


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