Monday, January 12, 2015

The Nosh Show - Episode 46

Alrighty, I know you've probably had your fair share of 2014/2015 countdowns and recaps and whatnot, but how about one that's actually helpful, at least for your next trip to the grocery store?

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That's right, it's Episode 46 and it's time for each of us to pick five of our favorite new things from 2014. Shockingly(?), we couldn't agree on the best new Oreo of the year amongst other things. Actually, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a bunch of non-ice cream items. That said, I still called out Friendly's Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream as probably the neatest new ice cream of 2014. I'm not saying it's the only nice new product of 2014, it's just a great combo of flavor, uniqueness, and fun-factor. What, I'm seven remember?

Ok, you all have a good week, new review tomorrow!


  1. My slushy morning commute was much more enjoyable today thanks to a new episode of the The Nosh Show!

  2. We're always glad to liven up the morning (or afternoon) commute, thanks for listening!

  3. Wish you guys podcasted more often. Love it! Check out my junk food review blog if you have the time.

  4. question: would you prefer a shorter weekly show? we do consider it from time to time. thanks for listening!

  5. A shorter show wouldn't allow for all of the segments! How about a special bonus episode from time to time?? Maybe with a theme?

  6. well, not crazy short, just a bit more focused/topical. iunno, we'll see what happens.


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