Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream

That's it, I give up trying to review this next flavor. Every time I buy it, my daughter makes it disappear before I can get an official taste test on it. Oh, I've sampled it several times since summer started, and it's even been in sundaes, but I never remember to take notes. I've now bought this at least four times now and it disappears every time. Pretty sure this is my daughter's #2 flavor (cookies & cream being #1 ofcourse). Why did I "waste" my time trying an old flavor? Well, we've covered the ice cream sandwich version, and then we covered the mini champs version, so I thought it was about time we took a look at the actual ice cream.

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream
white cake flavored ice cream with confetti shaped candy pieces and a blue frosting ribbon

"Dubba, ummm, why are those next to the ice cream?" Cause I'm crazy, that's why! And, despite waiting to post this review until there is absolutely no chance of you finding these crazy cotton candy balls, I still need to show you a neat trick I learned.

Yeah, these sundaes. See, the cotton candy balls aren't actually disgusting despite my initial fears. Their flavor is mild and not really offensive... and if you smush them up, they look so cool! It actually made the birthday party ice cream taste like cotton candy, I was pretty impressed actually. It a shame the balls only come in a giant container because if they came in small sealed packages, I would be making crazy sundaes like this all year round.

Anyway, back to the ice cream! This is a tame shot of some early scoopings but it wont be long before the swirl goes everywhere, and that's fine. It's sweet, but not crazy offensive. The big sprinkle bits are different and [I dont even remember if they are crunchy, I'll fix this when I buy another container].

See? Ooey gooey swirl! The kids aren't going to complain about this one, and cake lovers won't either. I guess that's the moral of this non-review. Someday I'll update it will a proper second scoop, but for now, this is what we get. Oh, and if you see those Herr's things again, don't be afraid to try them.

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